Absentia System


Ruler: General Albrech Brech
Cathedral: Orthodox
Agora: Mahyah Nostra
Jumps: 4
Capital: Necropolis
Tech Level: 6 (Second Republic ruins and Primmortal artifacts)
Garrison: 6 (recently reduced)
Human Population: 1.7 million (mostly nomads)
Alien Population: 7,937
Resources: Second Republic artifacts, ores, minerals, fossil fuels
Exports: Refined ore, small weapons, Second Republic materials and artifacts, slaves, gravel, refined fuel, paints, jewelry, artwork, musical instruments.

Solar System

Star: Eon
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Cyclops 0.423 AU A small, hot world
Absentia 2.98 AU
(Ananda) moon Possible Primmortal artifacts and Second Republic ruins
Soma 21.56 AU Rumors of crashed vessels
Massiva 38.24 AU Very large gas giant
Jump gate 75.4 AU

Absentia is an Imperium world, famous because of its enormous gargoyle, which grants visions to its visitors. Absentia is a broken desert world, it soil black and according to local legend, cursed. The atmosphere is faint and the climate a dry tropical and breathing apparatus are required for long-term outdoor travel or short-term exertion. Absentia is largely a dead world, with few areas of native vegetation, although the mountains hold some fresh water. The reason for the planet’s current condition lays in a mysterious planet-wide devastation that occurred nearly a thousand years ago. This destroyed what used to be a lush world and even the planet’s shallow seas, which once covered 1/5 of the surface, are now all but gone.


Discovered in the 25th century GD, the world was originally called Sao Paulo. No large scale settlement was done until the 29th century, when it was found the world had fertile valleys and fields and yielded bountiful agriculture. As well, many Primmortal ruins were discovered.

During the Second Republic , the descendants of the god-parahuman pantheons took over, most notably the Balazar house. Near the end of the First Republic, the planet became a hotbed of android and clone research and technology, causing the god-corps to be ousted by hi-tech industries. The Ten Houses ignored the world so its people sent aid to the Republic to resist the nobles. When Republican forces finally were defeated by the nobles in the Absentia system (GD 4012), the people of the world sealed the jump gate rather then risk invasion.

When rediscovered in GD 4388 by House Messapii it was already a dead world. Many explanations were offered, ranging from invaders to antinomy to hubris. The Sectus accepts the Hubris explanation. The University and tech factories were destroyed probably around GD 4100. From GD 4200-4515, the world was ruled by a joint Messapii/Guild/Sectus council. In 4515, Duke Rurik Alecto conquered the world – Emperor Cohren I is rumored to have equipped his forces with Primmortal and Second Republic finds from the planet. When Cohren died, the world was captured by the Torensons and Justinians, but eventually rulership fell to the Regency as those two houses declined in power.

The Rise of the desert tribes and the Nassari nation began around GD 4600, under Regency rule. The strongest tribes are the White Lizard Nassari (the strongest), Blue Hawk Nassari, and the Red Ochre Nassari.

As the name suggests, Absentia is rather unimportant in Imperial politics. Few off-worlders have any interesting in the planet, except for the steady stream of pilgrims coming to visit the Primmortal sites. The economy is heavily influenced by Mahyah Nostra machinations, and the authorities tolerate the smuggling of goods, especially weapons, into Absentia as travelling the wilderness without carry a slug gun equals suicide. However, the ban on smuggling wares and artifacts off of Absentia is strictly enforced and even nobles have been publicly executed for such crimes.

Around 1.7 million posthumans inhabit this world, the vast majority of which are desert nomads. The population is strictly divided between the urban centers under Imperial control and the desert dwellers who desire self-government. These “desert rabble” survive by any means available, including begging, thieving, and smuggling. They are an ingenious people and with them nothing goes to waste – centuries and even millennia old equipment is commonplace, and some still drive 300 year old petrol vehicles maintained by the same family for generations.

Today, Absentia is famed only for Urzenkai, the great Gargoyle of Absentia that imparts omens and visions to worthy, and each year more pilgrims make the risky journey to seek its guidance. Many pilgrims never return home, instead blending into the desert population to eking out a living in the sands.


Necropolis (Rudra)
This capital city is home to the planet’s main spaceport, agora and Cathedral. It is one of the few sources of fresh water on the world (the other being in the Tulac Mountains). Natives still call the city by its original name – Rudra. The City Council is run by the Sectus, under Bishop Lucio Borges, an ancient, blind man of failing health (he is over 100 years old). The Imperial Governor and garrison commander is headquartered here. The city is mostly unoccupied, except for the southwestern sector where the airfields and ports are located. Gun smuggling (including lasers and blasters) is rampant and there exists a small amount of slavery run by the Mōnstrum and Mahyah Nostra.

350,000 population

Fort Cohren
Founded by Cohren Alecto to keep watch on the nomadic desert tribes, the fort was so successful there was talk of decommissioning it. Then then the Desecrated struck and it was put back into full use. During Primacy Wars, House Bogovi Janosians stirred the nomads to attack the fort, which they successfully did, though reinforcements finally drove them back. The desert nomads engage in much smuggling through the city, perhaps with the support of Guild and Imperial locals – so much so the fort is sometimes called Little Estakhr.

50,000 population

Maleston Monastery
Originally a mansion for a House Amatsukami/House Bogovi couple, when the wife died the seers said the husband had to continually expand it to house all the dead who were victims of their two houses. The mansion was expanded day and night until finally the workers rebelled and killed the husband. The place has 380 rooms and is very much haunted according to local legends. Brother Paulus runs the place today, having been sent here by the Sectus for near-heretical, although very popular, writings. (More info in Trempynos Monks)

Maya Desert
The only noteworthy feature of the Maya desert is the city Pampana, run by the Imperial Captain Vijaya of Romagnol. It is a small city of 200,000 located in the Amazonia mountains and boasts an airport. Most of the population is engaged in mining, although some greenhouse agriculture is done here with imported soil.

200,000 population

All Saints
A ghost town, most of the materials have already been scavenged by the Taz tribe. Bloodstone mines owned by the Taz, and there are rumors of an underground city in the region.

Reizenkai – the Gargoyle of Absentia
AbsentiaGargoyle.jpgNatives believe that any questions answered by the gargoyle must not be shared with others.

No longer the adornment on the side of Churches, this is the name given to one of the strangest and most mysterious of remaining Primmortal artifacts apart from the Jump Gates themselves. They come in many shapes and sizes, very alien looking statues, some no larger than a man, some standing 100’s of feet tall. No one knows their exact purpose, but the very large ones are said to give visions and waking dreams to those who pray to them. There are even rumors of one which moves. Many worlds have such items, but only a few have the very largest of them.

The most famous Gargoyle is Reizenkai, the largest of its kind, located in the deep deserts of the cursed world now called Absentia. Many pilgrims risk the long journey just to catch a glimpse of this mighty artifact. The Sectus considers them to be those Blessed of the Empyrean – Holy Angels given physical form and sent to watch over Posthumanity.

Yato, the Gargoyle was also discovered near the temple of Reizenkai by the Reikaw.


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