The Maker


The guiding mind and central figure of the Iktojian people is known simply as “The Maker” within Iktojian culture. A new maker is born roughly every 20 years and only one is ever born at a time. This phenomenon was researched extensively by the 4th Maker and his findings showed that by normal genetics standards every pairing of Iktojians has a 100% probability to produce a Maker and that every other caste of Iktojian was a recessive trait. At the time is was unexplainable why a Maker is born so infrequently. It was not until the 7th Maker began researching the innate telepathic nature of the Administrators that the Theory of Iktojian Collective Unconscious was used to explain the low but predictable birthrate of Makers. According to this theory the Iktojian people are connected by a collective unconscious that allows The Maker and Administrators to connect to each other and the memories of previous members of the species on an instinctual level. All Iktojians are in their own way inherently psychic, but only the Administrators exhibit it in an overt manner. Applying this theory to the 4th Maker’s findings means that the Iktojian Collective Unconscious is actually making a conscious or instinctual decision based on the needs of the race as to whether any given coupling will produce a Maker. Shortly after beginning his Tenure the 8th Maker labeled such research too dangerous to be practical with other pressing research to be done and placed a ban on further research of the Theory of Iktojian Collective Unconscious. This ban has, to date, been respected by his successors.

With a Maker being born every 20 years it was established as tradition very early in Iktojian history that there would be a 20 year apprenticeship period for each Maker under the previous Maker before his Tenure would begin. This often led to a period of co-Tenure until such time a Maker passed or wished to undertake their Thesis Mission with councils of three to four Makers at a time sharing co-Tenure.

Makers are brown in color and possessed of an innate grasp of science and mental processing power that can only be described as supernatural. They are meant to be the leaders of their people and have an intense drive to ensure that they thrive.

The Maker

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