Specter Raiders

SpacePirates.jpgThe Specter Raiders are group of asteroid miners, scavengers and pirates that operate out of the dwarf planet asteroid of Vesta in the Terran Asteroid Belt. The raiders are collectively sometimes referred to as ‘Lazoni Pirates’ due to the Lazoni that traditionally mine asteroids throughout the Galactic Imperium (though there are many more races involved, including Lacusians, Devourers, Posthumans which make up the majority of the raiders and a few Stoucrix and very few juvenile Vellians).

The Specter Raiders are led by Celia “Scurvy Legs McGee” Kurasa, a former House Amatsukami noble driven out of the Galactic Imperium by the Sectus Inquisition.

Privateers, not Pirates?

Recently the Specter Fleet has been called up to support the Terran System Corps, in exchange for supplies and other considerations, such as what amounts to a space-aged Letter of Mark from the Terran Alliance, allowing them free reign to attack ships and pillage material and supplies onboard any ships flying Galactic Imperium or Sectus colors.

Vesta Base

The Specter Raiders are set up in an abandoned Ka’Hadan mining facility set into the Rheasilvia crater on Vesta a few kilometers from the massive trench known as the Divalia Fossa, a trench bigger than the Grand Canyon. Lazoni and Lacusian miners help excavate valuable ores and minerals from the Rheasilvia mines that they trade to various underground entities for food, oxygen and potable water, as well as other needed supplies. it is a touch life for both pirates, scavengers, miners and refugees, but they manage to make it work somehow.

The Council of Captains

Decisions that effect the whole of the Vesta colony are made by the Council of Captains, with Commodore Kurasa as the tie-breaker.

Current Captains
Captain Bob “Kiljoy” Vargas
Captain Harvey “Cavity Face” Vostok
Captain “Wex” Errol Jefferies (former first officer, now Captain of the Wakazashi Maru)
Captain Henry “Evil-Eye” Staples
Captain Luxa (Lazoni)
Captain Sier Xsa (Klackon Thebian)

Pirate Names
The pirates have allowed refugee children to name them in order to make the bleak and often gruff scavenger captains seem a bit less scary. This has resulted in some rather funny names. They also chose the name for their band from options given to them by the younger refugees.
Examples include:
Toothless Bill Deathbringer
Baron Ford
Lanky Nibs Prichard
Crimson Schroeder (Lazoni)
Yellow Nancy Douglas
Peteros Poopdeck Pete the Sword Swallower (Stoucrix)

Other Groups

General Crew:
Korga and Cyric Kooms under Captain Luxa.

The Seven Brown Dwarves
There’s a group of Khooshai Devourers who have taken to calling themselves “The 7 Brown Dwarves”

The Xull Exar
Led by Captain Sier Xsa the Thebian Klackons were once part of a covert operations organization called the Xull Exar, a special ops group dedicated to spying and wetwork vs. the Ka’Hadan Empire prior to the fall of the Thebian homeworld. They appear to hold a bit of a grudge against the Rondi Confederation for protecting Qotrosie over their homeworld of Vobrad during the start of the Second Ka’ Hadan War.

The Dry Wanderers
A name given by the Lacusian asteroid miners to themselves in light of becoming refugees on a dwarf planet with no liquid water. May also be translated as ‘the arid lost’.

Crimson Schroeder and the Burns
A band started by the Lazoni on Vesta. Terrible musicians, it’s mostly screaming to a beat with odd tubular bell gongs and a punk-rock sensibility. Lyrical themes are mostly about tearing down the corrupt Imperium.

The Pirate Fleet

6 Peregrine Heavy Fighters (House Amatsukami Make – Raider Class)
2 Reaper Explorer (Explorer Class, House Bogovi Make)
8 Rodrigo Heavy Fighter (Raider Class – House Bogovi make)
1 Qawwas Frigate (Frigate class – Al-Fashirri make)
1 Iskati Frigate (Frigate class – Amatsukami make, The Wakazashi Maru)
3 Ingenium Caracas Freighters (Freighter class – Guild Ingenium)

Specter Raiders

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