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The Tome of the Void: Beginnings, Chapter I, Verses I through IX
In the Beginning, there was the Void.

The Void was All. The void was Nothing. Then the All-Maker spoke, and the door was opened.

Then the Primmortals came. They pierced the void with light and fire, with thought and will, with matter and energy. Many of the Primmortals did not survive the crossing. Some, however, did.

They were the first ones. The wise ones. It was they who came before, and they who left first. But their creations remained, as do their sins.

The spark of Life grew in the shadow of the Primmortals leavings. From these sparks, grew titans, both gods and men and other races, sentience and will and magic and the divine.

Thus began the first empires of the galaxy. Clothed in the trappings of the Primmortals, the new gods left their worlds, traveled outward, creating first one empire, which fell to war against the other races, and then a second, which too fell, to hubris.

Now the great societies rise again, constrained by faith not to repeat the sins of the past, on the ruins of empires, and beneath those empires, the sinful technology of the first beings.

Yet some were left behind, still scrabbling in the dust, unaware of their roots in the stars. Unaware of the rise and fall of empires in the dark, yet entrusted with the leavings of empires past and unknowingly longing to return to those selfsame glories.

And in the End shall be the Void.

To begin, much of the character’s experiences will be taking place on Earth, in our previous setting, Silver Age Seattle. Characters will be alien teenagers, refugees from a galactic war, trying to scrape by as high-school students in a strange new environment. After a year of high-school, characters will be free to begin exploring their environment outside of Earth, and out into space.

When the alien kids have successfully explored some of the galaxy and laid the seeds for the next game, players will play high-powered superheroes from Earth, shaking up the galactic status quo, and following the path of their young alien counterparts.
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This is a setting where:

  • The Galaxy is infinite, yet many worlds and races share a common story.
  • Earth is unique, and much like the one we know, with the exception of a number of special features that will be revealed in-game., however one of the obvious ones is: Both extra-terrestrial Alien contact has been made, as well as extra-dimensional contact has been made and Superheroes exist.
  • Humanity is on the cusp of leaping outward, only to find both shockingly alien cultures and strangely familiar artifacts.
  • Space travel is scary, can be difficult, and the Void of space acts like a living thing sometimes, changing fortunes and hungering for the energy of passing ships and beings.
  • Earth, and a few planets like it, are uniquely special, and break a lot of the other ‘rules’ of the known galaxy.
  • The timeline of the known universe can be viewed here, though much of this history is unknown to the vast majority of it’s inhabitants.
  • There are a number of important factions in the Milky Way, including several large alien federations, such as the Jith Hegemony and the Zon-Gra Protectorate as well as a major expansionist ‘posthuman’ Byzantine-esque empire called the Galactic Imperium. There are also several other factions of posthumans that oppose the Imperium, (that the Imperium considers to be Barbarians), and a number of independent Races with their own motivations and goals, and the fragile denizens of the Earth, the Terran Earth Corps, fighting for survival in a Galaxy at war.

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Setting overview

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