Nimbus memoirs

I’ve been told by my father that keeping a journal of the events I’ve perceived will help me learn about this world and the people on it more quickly and effectively, While I’m not sure this is true I feel it’s important to at least humor my father. I’ve decided to keep my journal in english, in order to improve my understanding of it, and perhaps to publicize at some later point, many of the best books I’ve read on this planet are merely people telling the stories of their lives, so I might do the same. I’ve been taught by my fellow alien arthur fex how a “computer” works, and apparently beyond adding and subtracting numbers it can also record my words as if I were writing with a pen.
I arrived on earth in a crashing ship, and was nearly immediately greeted upon landfall by some earthling “authorities”-Those who have volunteered to wield power rather than taking it, rather strange but it is an entirely new world. I was assured that this world would indeed be different than the old world, and indeed it was somewhat, while my grasp of english was quite tenous by the time I was ready to go to “high school” I was able to ask the question of which tribe was the ruling one and how I might avoid their wrath, and was met with the answer that earth had long since evolved beyond such petty social rules, as I was to learn a week later, this was completely and utterly false.
First Day of School-
The tribes in this territory of “school” were easily identified, though all had different titles for eachother as well as themselves, it all comes down to personal differences, I’ll be using the most common terms I’ve heard from now on, as listing them all would doubtless fill a book on it’s own. Interestingly, most of the tribes at this school are joined by choice rather than heritage, perhaps that’s what the customs agent meant by “evolving beyond”. So far I’d not had particular trouble managing myself around these people, but I have noticed the terrifying concept of Parahumans, humans who have sometimes completely unexplained abilities far above those of their fellows, and I thought I may be about to be attacked by one of them belonging to the “cheerleader” tribe, though I have since learned that it was an involuntary action on her part, and that despite being called leaders, this tribe generally had relatively little power within this territory.

That day I was also assaulted by a pair of government agents, (those who enforce the will of the most powerful tribe, “the country”) for reasons unknown, I feel that this planet may be interfereing with my abilities however, as I was unable to stop them despite them having no super-human abilities at all. needless to say, I was even more terrified from that point onward. (they take non-humans like me and put them in internment camps if they’re caught using their abilities, I must free them when I get the chance.)

Near the end of the holding period, a loud ringing broke out, and we were all herded out to the large field by the edge of the building, and assaulted by loud noises and violently gesticulating humans, if this is what they claim to be a welcome ritual, I fear they are far more savage than my people ever were. I invoked the rite of cloudweaving and made my escape, though as I left, I heard some oddly pleasing noises and cries of “Krogga for President” from a small flying human who had followed me through all my “classes”.

Last note- Meatloaf may be the greatest food I have ever tasted, but some claim it is wrong to consume.

While I still didn’t understand the point or reasoning of imprisoning us aliens at their “school” they did claim it was for learning purposes, and I have indeed learned some things about humanity and the other outworlders that are imprisoned with me. Arthur fex is particularly interesting to me, I’m not sure what’s going on with him, or what benifit there could be to being so small-arthur seems to have taken interest in a particular human, ben belt, I’ll have to keep an eye on this relationship- other “aliens” (a term that means being not from earth) I’ve obsereved are: Tel, a man with the powers of flight and frendliness, Sean, who didn’t seem to be extremely alien at first glance, later revealed himself to be some sort of sentient swarm (more on that later) Moranai, a very strong, and very able looking “draconai” covered in rather pretty scales and a pair dangerous looking wings, there is also dillan, a hyperactive four armed skateboarding blue human, and a sort of robot who refuses to speak directly to anyone. There is also es’u who I assume to be an alien only because of his name, and the fact that not only is he in every “class” with the rest of us aliens, but seems extremely skilled as well-which reminds me, Shay skates is beginning to seem rather suspicious.

An “extracurricular” is an additional “class” that one volunteers for apparently in order to further ones learning. Many of my fellow aliens decided to sign up for extra time, so I decided I would attempt to try one that I was already good at, to see if the technologically advanced earthlings could teach me anything new about it; Earthlings are terrible at swimming, they use so much arm and leg movement, that, while it does indeed propel them through the water, sometimes at incredible speeds, it’s terribly exhausting, and hardly useful at all, needless to say I purposefully failed the examination for added prison time surrounded by incompetents.

Last note- The closest thing they offer to combat training at this “school” appears to be a game known as “football” a game where the competitors are to attack eachother over a food-analouge, the football. While prudent, I feel that my fellow aliens who signed up for it have consigned themselves to an improper training program.
True Danger-

Having recently had the concept of plumbing explained to me I feel much more secure inside buildings, and confused as to why other water controlling aliens/parahumans don’t manipulate it to their will.

To be completely honest the encounter with the monster was rather refreshing, finally something I can understand! though that doesn’t mean it was anything less than terrifying, apparently a fellow alien murdered and ate just the skins of a few humans, I was justifiably horrified of course, such wasteful behavior, and putting oneself in danger from “the country” tribe as well, not to mention the completely unjustified murder of two potentially useful people, obviously this could not go unpunished, and myself and some of my fellow aliens went to take the creature down, I’m somewhat dissapointed with my performance in this regard, as I merely nearly got murdered by the creature and then proceeded to make a shield when the time came to fight, though I did demonstrate the rite of seabringing to a large crowd of inmates-I mean classmates for their protection, and noticed one that caught my eye. My encounter with the killer alien was altogether far less dangerous than I had first assumed, as my alien classmates are quite adept at protecting me.

As humans go, Hedy Horman is by far the most attractive I have met, with a beautifully shaped face and deep intelligent eyes, she seems like she could outsmart many of the humans here, I must approach with caution as I’d rather not be attacked and killed by a disguised parahuman, but approaching is a neccesity, as I may not find this chance again, and obviously none of my fellow nimbii or lacusians will be here on earth, I wonder what happened to those nimbii who were enslaved so long ago.

Last note- Avoiding both bathrooms and Beau Biggerstaff seems prudent, despite the apparently constant need by my classmates to go there, no doubt gathering water, as they seem to have forgotten to bring it with them.

I’ve learned recently that humanity values confidence, not caution, so while I will maintain my current levels of caution I will attempt to make my confidence from here on out overshadow it. This strategy seems to have worked arguably well when I approached Hedy, though I’m not sure how humans express affection, I seem to have made some progress.

Arthur offered to teach mathematics so that I could better understand “computers” I took him up on his offer, and that’s how I’m writing this journal entry, on a computer, somewhat odd, but though it takes a long time to process words, it records them with perfect accuracy, so I’m not complaining. However, the more I learn about computers the more I’m convinced that Arthurs wristband isn’t a computer at all, rather, something more, however in the interest of keeping Arthurs goodwill I’ve decided to quit questioning, as he seems less than happy when I show curiosity in that regard.

Last note- Though Hedy seems interested, I have to wonder if it’s merely an act, I guess I’ll just have to impress her until I’m sure that it’s she’s honest.


I’ve learned recently that humanity values confidence, not caution, so while I will maintain my current levels of caution I will attempt to make my confidence from here on out overshadow it. This strategy seems to have worked arguably well when I approached Hedy, though I’m not sure how humans express affection, I seem to have made some progress.

Arthur offered to teach mathematics so that I could better understand “computers” I took him up on his offer, and that’s how I’m writing this journal entry, on a computer, somewhat odd, but though it takes a long time to process words, it records them with perfect accuracy, so I’m not complaining. However, the more I learn about computers the more I’m convinced that arthurs wristband isn’t a computer at all, rather, something more, however in the interest of keeping arthurs goodwill I’ve decided to quit questioning, as he seems less than happy when I show curiosity in that regard.

The Dead Shall Rise-

Today was rather interesting, I learned of a few further uses for my abilities, some incredibly useful, some merely entertaining, though I hesitate to reveal development here on earth where I may be overheard.

Heady approached me today, unfortunately to ask about arthurs wristband, rather than anything I’m interested in discussing, we also received news that Denuta (another human student) may be a government spy… I have to question Hedy’s interest at this point, given what I observed at sanctuary the night I first spoke with her…

Other interesting things that happened today, well apparently there’s a living corpse walking around, our robot friend, who has begun speaking claims hearing strange noises (he’s played them for us) it’s odd that he’s hearing these things, I honestly don’t find them as disturbing as others seem to, they remind me of killing and death, and while those are uncomfortable subjects, they are subjects that should be frequently and directly addressed, lest we forget what they stand for and lose sight of their importance. However, a corpse walking around IS rather frightening, because if the dead can return to seek revenge, my parents have many they must answer to, and even I have a few.

On another subject, I seem to be getting along much better with both my fellow classmates, and the group of aliens I’ve been, well, grouped with, ever since I started acting more confident and self assured, honestly it’s partially because my power to flee has further increased, and mostly because I’ve learned that here on earth there is a concept called “Fashion” in which how someone, or something one owns, apears visually, melodically, fragrantly or any other sensory format determines ones social status rather than ones fitness. This explains much of my unpopularity so far, and being more confident affecting my social standing is symptomatic of this “form over function” effect.

Last note- My previous comment about meatloaf was predicated merely on speculation, I now know that though meatloaf is delicious, it is unfashionable, and that is why it’s improper to eat; Why do so few students care about proper fashion? Who dictates proper fashion? And why do they hate meatloaf?

I’ve mentioned my new abilities to my parents, apparently they have names and are rarely developed by either tribe. Father is frightened and Mother is thrilled, both seem concerned in one way or another, but seeing their immediate and strong reactions has put me a little off balance. Given that both were powerful warmakers back on our home planet, I feel that they likely have much to teach me, but I fear alienating my self further from my classmates.

Mother has congratulated me on my mastery of the Rite of Skydancing, and has offered to teach me the final Ritual of the Cloudweavers, I don’t know what it does or how it works, but the name is rather ominous, “the Rite of Bloodstealing” and father seems quite terrified of the fact that mother knows it and that she wants to teach it to me, he hasn’t said anything about it, which likely means he thinks I’ll need it, but given the social situation on this planet, I’ve refused to learn for the time being.

I’ve asked father whether there are more rituals of the Seabringers, other than just the one, and he’s explained that there are three for the Seabringers as well, but as with the Cloudweavers, I must learn the second myself before being allowed full knowledge of the third. Father is a great historian of my people, the Nimbii, he says that the three rituals of each tribe were intertwined in the hands of the Nimbii, and that as a Nimbus I’m failing to bring the rituals together properly.

The first two rituals, of Seabringing and Cloudweaving are supposedly both Excerpts from the Nimbus ritual of beginning, which I have properly mastered, the second Rituals, of Skydancing and Landspeaking, are of the Nimbus ritual of life. I now have heard one half of the final nimbus ritual, but the Lacusian words in that phrase-series translate to: Creation/Beggining, Life/Being, and Destruction/End.

Apparently some day I will have access to powers of destruction equivalent to those of the creation I already possess, a frightening concept to be sure, most likely why I was exiled by my people.

On a less dark note, there is a “Field Trip” next week, father has gladly signed the form necessary to give me permission to go with the class to the museum, (though his signature may not be accepted, he’s grown too interested in perspective drawings lately) he wants to come as well, I’ve told him that I’d ask my teacher but no promises, I’d really rather the teacher told me no so I can avoid the rest of the class knowing who my father is; I doubt I can explain to them effectively that back on my home planet my father was one of the most respected and powerful Seabringers alive, due to the fact that he speaks rather poor english and is constantly amazed at human society.

Last note- Danger is everywhere, though I feel safe enough when accompanied by my “friends”, perhaps I can avoid the final lessons entirely.

Zombies and Conversation-

So zombies are an uncommon thing on earth, but they exist, thankfully it’s not really a return of the consciousness into a previously dead but now stronger body, but a non-living animus added to a now stronger corpse, so I needn’t worry about vengeance from beyond the pale of death, in fact I learned that the zombies that we’re dealing with could have been animated by my parents working together, of course they would never do such a thing, so it must be some other agency.

I’ve had an interesting conversation with Ben and Arthur, I now understand why Arthur was so suspicious of Ben, apparently Ben is some sort of plant alien from amish Iowa… but he’s not amish, ah whatever. Regardless I learned some things about humanity from the two, despite the fact that neither of them are human. So apparently humans are mostly water, they have a tribe of “the rich” who have decided it’s acceptable to hoard all the food and thereby kill enormous amounts of their own race, but apparently they can breed faster than their poor die? It seems like a poor strategy, and apparently they are also in the process of destroying their environment making it impossible for their race. I would say that humans are both brilliant and stupid, but Ben seems to get offended whenever I mention humans’ idiocy or weakness, even though I have no drive to do any harm to the humans, perhaps he wishes me to be wary so that I don’t get taken by surprise? I begin to understand the meaning of “friendship”.

Arthur Ben and I went to a magic shop and got the “Toe of Zycraw” some meaningless trinket needed to stop the zombies, apparently humans have an arbitrary series of laws for destroying zombies, ah well, humans have alot of… unnecessary rules, no use telling them it’s all nonsense, they’d just get mad.

Last note- The “ghosts” (sentient energy constructs) are breaking down the grate now, so I’ll make it short, meatloaf isn’t unfashionable, and the reason I felt bad after eating it is because I’d never eaten it before? Ah well, gonna fight some laser spewing bag ladies now.

Well that wasn’t much of a fight, honestly, the effects were cool and all that, but it seems the opportunity for audience interaction isn’t there just yet. there was some interesting “teleportation” and I have to admit the inclusion of the actual walking dead was clever, albeit dangerous enough that I had to warn the parents, however it seems they can handle themselves much better than I thought… What haven’t they told me?

Anyway schools coming up, we now vaguely know the identity of the spymaster in charge of stealing our “technologies” Dillan (blue monkey) seemed to have an odd reaction, maybe he knows who she is… I hope I haven’t given too much away about hedy, though maybe I should to make sure she doesn’t get killed…

The parents have suggested I try eating meals of unfertilized chicken embryos, they’ve not led me wrong before, but it honestly souds rather disgusting… but in return I’ve offered to bring them some of the cafeterias meatloaf so they can try it as well.

Father still wants to come on the field trip with us, I fear I will get the teachers permission, hopefully he won’t maim anyone, he’s far more powerful than I gave him credit for, to sheathe the whole house in Ice overnight like that… I’m not sure I could do that even on my best day, and that fogbank… I don’t think the “firemen” (odd that, there was no fire and some were women) even recognized the true nature of it, but it felt almost… alive? probably just my imagination, mother is merely particularly able with her rite of cloudweaving, as father is with seabringing.

Last note- Apparently the little theatre with the “witches” isn’t quite over yet, hopefully I needn’t go shopping to fulfill my part again, though the conversation with arthur and ben was scintillating. Interesting thing, arthur has offered a better method of storing water…
Where to start?-

Today was… Chaotic, ridiculous, so many events happened that it’s difficult to explain them all in a concise fashion… Suffice it to say, someone has stolen from one of the government agents (denute) and I have my suspicions as to who stole her backpack… “Witches” (it seems to be the agreed upon term) have suborned the “mean girls” in an attempt to become prom queen(s?)… The two girls that were at the head of the competition are investigating a rumor about some nonsense, this is only notable because of the oddly massive effect it has had on this school society… and… ah yes, turns out that the fellow alien who I believed to be a robot is not, he’s a really big aunt.

Other than the previously mentioned events, some other important things happened, Ben belt is surprisingly good at guitar, so much so I felt obligated to affect some special effects for him, and I felt something that I didn’t realise was important until just now, It’s been hard to discern, because it’s everywhere, but as I flew to school this morning, I rose high enough to not be seen by most and I entered a place that felt… off; I was no longer surrounded. Father says I’ve discovered the rite of landspeaking, which is odd, given that apparently I’ve known this forever. I can sense water, in that vein (no pun intended) I realise that water isn’t just everywhere, it’s EVERYWHERE it’s in the ground, it’s in the air, it’s in peoples bodies… the only places it isn’t is where metal is… maybe metal dislikes water? ah well.

So besides obvious chaos today was a relatively good day, though I’m now following a mob of upset “jocks” to prevent them from getting killed by witches…

Last note- was unable to try unfertilised chicken embryo, though I did manage to grab some meatloaf for the parents to try.
A whole new world-

Despite the title… this world we’ve begun exploring is not incredibly massive, it loops on itself and it’s rather small but interesting, there’s many types of plants, apparently at least one is carnivorous. We followed a ghost that looked similar to Arthur in a spacesuit through an underground lake to a reservoir nested in the top of a mountain, I evaporated the water therein, though I fear it will cause dangerously bad weather in such a confined space…

My Father will be accompanying us on our field-trip to the art museum, I can tell he’s excited, I just hope things don’t get out of hand, it seems father is far more powerful than I thought, It’s nice to have some normalcy and be able to talk to family on such a strange planet, though others seem somewhat horrified by our traditions…

Speaking of traditions, Arthur has trusted me with a great secret of his own, perhaps I should reciprocate, and tell him WHY we have the traditions we do on my planet, the issue is the computer mind Citrio, it has some connection to the “inquisition” (not sure if that’s what it’s called) and if the imperium learns of my peoples secrets, any chance they may have of uniting against their oppressors will be destroyed, I shan’t record those secrets here for fear they might be discovered by those of my allies who can read computers, I’m not quite ready to trust them yet, I’m not sure I ever will be.
Secrets and Sentai-

So after further events in Arthur’s pocket dimension, we’ve discovered that the bit of planet we’re inhabiting is part of another planet far away, any further information on that front is pending.

I’ve confirmed that the imperium is responsible for the enslavement of my race and have thus decided that, since all of my companions here have placed their trust in me and have their own individual reasons to distrust the imperium, I shall tell them the secrets that my race has kept, as a peace offering, and perhaps a request for assistance… I dread telling the parents of this, but there’s naught I can do, other than lie to them, and I shan’t do so.

Arthur has created some excellent looking suits of “sentai armor” for each of us (Not sure where he got my measurements) they’re meant to enhance the strength and skills of the individuals wearing them, however the one meant for me violates both a tribal tradition, and a personal preference, we’re working on the former and Arthur says he can easily address the latter, in that vein (no pun intended) It seems that my planets core is pure mercury, an abundant metal here on earth that is known as toxic… in fact it’s supposed to affect the mind, I fear this may be why I am known as slightly mentally inferior on my planet…

Upon returning home I plan to tell the parents about my plan and assure them of its prudence… no doubt they will express great distaste for my… loquaciousness, and I’ll also need to find a “date” for homecoming if I am to successfully ingratiate myself with earths populace, this seems to be generally one that oneself has a physical attraction to, though given my acquaintances choices, this doesn’t seem exactly true, nonetheless it seems my first choice will be Hedy Horman, government agent she may be, so far our experiences with them have been mildy irritating/profitable to frustrating/unprofitable; Perhaps interaction with Hedy can be either pleasant or profitable, maybe even both.

Last Note- Loquaciousness… quite a language English, that word seems unnecessarily long to explain such a simple concept so inaccurately, but such is the way of things on this planet I fear, even the language is indicative (< another one) of the earthlings viewpoint on life (needlessly complex, stupid and dangerous, but in a thoroughly entertaining way), honestly I might envy them, if it weren’t for their impending either: self destruction, or invasion by the imperium.

Art Heist-
Having visited the art museum (and thwarting an attempted robbery) It seems I’ve somewhat alienated my fellows (no pun intended) by explaining the reality of the world, they prefer to think that personal entertainment takes precedence over obtaining food and safety, because food and safety are relatively easy to obtain, and for arthur, that seems to be true, but for the others I’m not so sure… regardless while I don’t appear to understand the “true value” of art, I did see something special in a painting by “Van Gogh” having done the calculations, it seems that a nimbus from the old world could have visited him, and perhaps taught him the things he has so perfectly depicted, (does this mean humans can be taught the Nimbus rituals? interesting…) if so, I need to touch the painting, though the humans seem very easily upset by such things, there may be a message in the seabringer language there, one that I can use to expand my powers or help my people.

My allies on this planet insist that my races plan to attack the imperium is foolish and self-destructive, but how else are a people supposed to escape their oppression? Someday I will visit my home again, and hopefully by that time I’ll have a more thorough appraisal of how best to deal with the imperium, but as of right now, fighting seems to be the only option, perhaps a fleeing battle? Maybe my allies and I can delay them while my race escapes? ah, well, plans for the future, for now I need to touch that painting and deal with the humans “spirit week” to further ingratiate myself.

Last note- My fellows say that I shouldn’t feel the need to ingratiate myself within the human social hierarchy, claiming that their company is more important, and while this does seem to be generally true, parahumans are interesting to me, perhaps useful allies, though the only one I’ve fought proved to be rather weak…

Van Goh, visited by aliens?!

I’ve managed to touch that painting, somehow encoded into it was a deep sensory message beyond what I’ve experienced in the most perfect renditions of the proper languages, this leads me to believe that not only was this Van Gogh visited by a nimbus but most definitely taught the rites, having done some research I learned that Van Gogh cut off his ear for romance, that seems a somewhat misguided version of an old Lacusian rite, in which a Lacusian would cut off a part of his most favored sensory organ and use it as fertilizer for a plant to be fed to his mate, as a symbol of the deep connection between the two, but a whole ear? ah well, that’s a tangent, I think Van Gogh must have been as his own people said “crazy” still this leads me to believe that some if not all humans have the capacity to learn the nimbus rites if properly trained.

In other news, spirit week begins soon, I am to wear bed-clothing to school… and the final celebration of spirit week is a dance, I have a date, and I’m supposed to wear a formal human suit, and well, dance… I don’t know how to dance, but perhaps I can adapt some of the Cloudweaver and Seabringer combat techniques into something resembling human martial arts, which some say are dance-like. I have definitely decided that I will garb both myself and my date in traditional war dress for the tribes, as it is meant to be awe inspiring and this dance is mostly a human social function, I can’t manage affection from these humans, but perhaps I can manage awe, we’ll see. Altogether I’m actually somewhat excited to be attending this dance with a date, it seems “fun” though no doubt something awful will happen and we’ll be forced to deal with it, as seems to be the pattern on this world.

Hedy claims not to be a government agent, and were she part of one of the tribes I would believe her, but humans on this planet lie to those they are close to constantly, in the tribes, such behavior might be born from necessity, but never as meaninglessly or casually as the humans do it. I feel that I’ve properly indicated to Hedy that I don’t care if she’s a government agent on a mission to steal secrets from us, and she still assured me she wasn’t, nevertheless, I should make sure to be very careful when she and Arthur are in the same vicinity.

Last note- I will have to thank both Tel and Arthur for what they’ve done for me, what Tel has done is worth any service I can provide, and Arthur has built armor which, was the Nimbus tribe still extant, would allow him to be adopted into the tribe as an honorary member, and provided the secrets contained within the tattoo, at some point I will have to offer him this honor, though I fear what might happen should the imperium get a hold of such data.

Homecoming and Fightclubs-

The Homecoming dance seemed to go rather well, was very romantic as they say, (though I think I screwed it up at the end there.) but there were issues happening elsewhere, I was prevented from going in but later heard the news, there’s a intense fight ring in which parahumans and aliens are encouraged to fight each other for money by humans, this seems like an almost deliberate echo of the imperiums ideals, and I find it repulsive.

My Family has not told me everything that happened as we escaped, I dislike thinking they keep secrets from me as it’s against the codes, but my friends advise me that this is the wisest course of action and that my family is being prudent in both keeping these secrets from me, and discouraging me to fight the ka’hadan.

In personal news, I fear I’ve offended Hedy in some way, by failing at the earth ritual of the “kiss” this may cause a rift in the relationship, I had no idea such things could “fall apart” so fast, but I’ll do my best to repair the situation, I’ve found that multiple humans have fathomed and understood the workings of some Lacusian rituals, and I had hoped to try to teach Hedy how to utilize them, both as an experiment and for personal interest, I’d like her to be better able to protect herself, and I’d also like to know if humans are capable of developing these skills, because as I’ve recently learned, the Imperium contains many willing humans.

Last note- I begin more and more to fear humanity and the danger they pose to their world, themselves, and the rest of the universe, I’ve yet to find more than 2 Humans who embody the positive traits in the stories completely, and one turned out to be a sentient plant.
Open house

Today was an interesting day, I brought up the subject of welcoming Arthur into the tribe while my parents were at the schools “open house” in an attempt to avoid some of the more traumatic parts of the ritual, unfortunately, my family knows me too well, and they were, in fact, more prepared than I thought possible. On the upside, Arthur is a Flurb as I thought he would be, one of the creator caste, while it seemed obvious to me I had feared…

Mother wants me to rise to Flurb as well, though I know not why, I’ve asked, and am consistently met with mumblings of a prophecy, while mothers prophecies have always become true, their vagueness is most likely the main cause of that.

In other news, Hedy seems to have somewhat forgiven me and I’ve got free access to Arthurs… World? I’ve no idea really what to call it, but it’s nice to have access, I’m trying to help improve it secretly, and I think I may have an idea to that effect.

Last note-
I truly hope that Tel will be okay, while I’m not sure I can trust him, I do fear for his safety, on my planet he would have been of the artist caste-one who’s purpose and abilities are best suited to spreading joy, it’s the noblest of positions, and while Tel may not have been the most successful in that regard, He certainly tried.

Today I was offered a contract of slavery by the United States Government,I devised a farcical ritual (Jurl-Chist, literally the “eating of documentation”) and ate the contract in feigned confusion; later I was informed that eating the contract may have been construed as a refusal to sign (it was).

Arthur was equally opposed to the contract, as aware as I that the shown documentation constituted nothing less the complete bondage to the human race and this planet, even to a specific country, I am glad my friend and honorary clansman percieves the world more truly than the others of my team, while I admire most of them (I’m still suspicious of the new one, who does she think she is getting in peoples heads like that?) I fear that they’re either incapable of seeing this for what it is, or capable, but willing to break promises, each option would prove… problematic.

When taking away the “port-suits” from the rest of the team, Arthur seemed quite distraught, sad even, I suppose I understand, I too, would be upset if I had so greviously misplaced my belief in friends, while I never would trust such unknowns with all the secrets of my race, I feel it may be necessary to barter one small secret in order to conserve my freedom and the safety of my parents (Why are they so oblivious to the danger? Have they forgotten all our traditions? The week of suspicion? The Rite of Paranoia? The dance of distrust? at least I still see father practicing his blade-language from time to time.).

I’ve invoked the Prophecy with my parents, claiming that Arthur may be the one, I think they do not know that I do not believe, and it pains me to mislead them, as such is outside of everything I’ve been taught; I mislead them for their own safety, as the government of the United States might take action against them. Protecting them is my duty as much as protecting Arthur, as they are both of the ur-class as well, mother an ur-flurb, and father a ur-chi of their various clans. As I am of both it is my duty to both clans, however my primary duty is to my own clan, the nimbii, even above my parents, so I stay in this… world? to protect Arthur.

Last Note-
As it’s coming into play I feel it Somewhat necessary to include the prophecy below, though I fear it is nonsense.
(translated as closely as possible into earthly poetic form.)

He shall hold and change light
Into shapes of the truth
He shall carry a world
Into a new sphaera

We shall know by his home
Cast into nothingness
We Shall know his greatness
These “scarlet scelera”

Inside a metal brain
The last secret does lie
He shall find his refuge
At north edge of Terra

Show you not unclear sight
or mistake your homeworld

Nonsense as far as I’m concerned, not worth my time analyzing, aside from the scarlet scelera bit, I placed that to use to convince my parents – it rhymes with Terra, the only word unchanged in this translation, and the literal translation is “your different sight” I also thought the bit of latin I learned from the Abernathy was a nice touch.

Writing this on Arthur’s computer while he’s working on some robots, hope he doesn’t mind.
Science lab

Not much has happened since last I wrote, Arthur built a massive protective field around the opening to his pocket dimension, I added a moat and some hail to enable me to kill intruders more easily, and Arthur and I were offered some different documents that allow us to be mostly free agents, the Steele tried to get me to sign up for earth military detail, but I’m not that foolish.

Since I was essentially coerced into signing those documents, I now have to begin studying intensely some of the less interesting earth science… Ah well, at least I’ll be on hand for protection and can still help my friends, it’s rather odd that so few of them are prepared for combat; I still suspect Ben is better prepared than he seems. It does occur to me that it will be essentially impossible for the earth government to enforce the limits placed by these documents.

Last note –
Since according to this document I will be a science consultant/lab assistant perhaps I should take the oppurtunity to read the history of the Nimbii, I know only the non-secret things and the very few secrets that need to be taught to read the tattoo… I’m not even sure I can do it yet…

Author’s note- I’ve left the vernacular of my arrival intact to better indicate my growing experience with earth culture, I’ve stopped referring to the US government as a tribe (Though it is, just a rather large one) and ceased indicating my fear or excitement or disappointment with earth culture, I think that removing my emotional response may have made my memoirs more relatable, since my emotions, such as they are, are primarily based on my tribal upbringing on my planet, however, I think I may begin including them again, having recently read a book in the same fashion, I note that the author attempts to emulate their older vernacular as an interesting way to refer to the lack of real change by society, while I truly don’t understand human metaphors, representing my displeasure with the earth government is something I would prefer to do as much as possible, so I’ll be returning to a more clear method of speech next earth-week.
To Space

Went on my first “mission” as part of “earth core” today, the human captain put in charge of our mission is extremely incompetent, if both dillan and I had not been there she would have been crushed under a mere ka’ hadan at a simple 2 times earth gravity. I find myself quite resentful of being placed under the command of such weaklings. It still seems necessary to play along with their “missions” for now.

On another note I feel far more comfortable in space, not surrounded by millions of another race that could possibly unify against me and my people at any point. I feel powerful, possibly because I could personally just punch a hole in any ship and be the only survivor from the resulting rapid decompression.

I’ve asked after some more of the tribes in the “cafeteria” (a daily celebration in which all the local tribes and castes meet and have discourse) and I realise that I have great dislike for the tribes Ben and Trey have decided to associate with, and with my abilities it seems I can make them extremely unhappy with little to no consequences. On another note it seems I will be going with Hedy to the wintertime dance, I’ll have to find a way to create a room temperature ice and fog in order to garb us in such a way as to embarrass the hated tribes (by showing their incompetence), it seems I’m not the only one who dislikes them, so perhaps I will have the support of my fellows.

As for Trey, I’ve not mentioned her in detail before, as I’ve felt that my friends will realise the security risk she poses to us and find a way to either shield themselves and share it with me or eliminate her, as neither of these solutions is forthcoming and because she is an alien that hates the Imperium like the rest of us, I will simply have to give her my trust and kill her if she betrays it, as I have extended to the others. Perhaps my dislike stems from the idea that she is quite similar to Tel, but much less endearingly prone to causing unintended havoc. A competent Tel’tho seems an impossibly large threat to me. A small description of Trey: she’s rather attractive by human standards, terrifying by lacusian standards, and has the ability and weakness that she is constantly linked to all emotions around her, recently I try to convey confidence and indifference when she is in the area, rather than my extreme suspicion.

Last Note –
There is a Lacusian on this ship – I was unable to identify their tribe or caste through the window, apparently they’ve been adopted by ka’hadan royalty, and that royalty has been intelligent enough to realise the darkness and evil of the imperium – her sons called me a slave will look into that – my primary priority is to identify the caste and tribe of this lacusian, and due to the fact that they are a juvenile off the home planet, possibly educate them in the necessary rites, if I am incapable of this, to direct them to the tribesman on first hill. Should be careful not to seem threatening, it is the week of suspicion for most currently.
Return Trip -
An extraordinary number of things have happened since the last time I wrote a log, Trey is far more dangerous than I expected, Xytxyl a bit less, and Es’u still a rather unknown, due to cooperation between the group of us in space, including the refugees, we managed to destroy a rather large imperium vessel, my fellow lacusian Niameh, was quite skilled in this regard, as expected from an orphan Cloudweaver.

The main part of the distruction of the imperial ship was through the direct influence of Trey, while she’s clearly joined the same psuedo-tribe as Ben, She is also by far the most competent manipulator of them, while I place Ben clearly as one of the Ja-flurb (Politician), Trey is the most frightening Ja-flurb I’ve seen, to the point where she’s capable of masquerading as a Ur-chiraak(Artist). Not only is Trey the best liar I’ve ever witnessed, but a skilled gunner as well, while I have my suspicion that she’s not capable of directly influencing my thoughts, I can’t be sure that instinct isn’t a result of her directly influencing my thoughts, though she insists otherwise, she is a great danger to me and some of my friends.

Niameh is fantastic, he has proven to me that he is a worthy tribesman and thus worthy of my trust, I hear after passing earthling customs he decided to go and live on the first hill in Seattle, I wish him the best of luck, though it might also be nice to have someone to tutor on cloudweaving, I feel my skills in that area are lacking, as there is a concept on this earth where one can progress only by teaching, there is a technique I’ve been wishing to learn (wherein a cloudweaver can slow their own aging process by making a change in their biology, according to earthling science, perhaps by causing cells to divide more perfectly) due to the fact that Arthur is beginning to try to alter time, that I think Niameh may have some insight into, should time dilation become an issue my only option currently is the equivalent seabringer technique, the rite of Rime-Sleep, will diminish my ability to learn other things during that time, if I am even strong enough to preform it.

It seems to me a great breakthrough in my abilities is just around the corner, and rather than my original path of Ur-Jaka (Librarian/Protector?) I wish to pursue powers more suited to a Chiraak or even a Flurb, I was never taught to stay on a chosen path but rather to explore outside of it, to engage in the abnormal for the sake of knowledge and skill, if I could learn the Rite of Life-Breath, I would be thrilled, but I have read of a Rite, in the smallest piece of my markings, (centered over my right earlobe incidentally) that would allow me to work harmonic Silicon based crystals into my tribesman’s garb that could allow vast improvements, from dangerous effects to protective ones, there are many interesting possibilities for this new “Rite of Earth-fusing” though I think I don’t have the knack for it, as I’ve never practiced with this material before, in fact according to my markings, it is a rite beyond the average Nimbus, but simple for another tribe, perhaps my people are more numerous or diverse than I thought…

Last note -
I’ve included some translations above for terms I use somewhat frequently, I’ve decided to list the most frequent here as well as a new one I read in my markings which I’m not sure I understand…

Castes listed in order of descending autority:
Ur-Flurb: Inventor (this incidentally is the name for the Nimbus tribe)
Chi-Flurb: Knower (Seabringers)
Ja-Flurb: Wielder (on earth wielders of knowledge are known as “politicians” although this word seems to extend to Ja-Chiraak not infrequently)(Cloudweavers)
Ur-Chiraak: Artist
Che-Chiraak: Liver/Farmer/Worker/Civilian? (alot of translations for this one, one who is valuable without being distinctive.)
Ja-Chiraak: Taker/Thief? (one who requires support but provides lesser value.)
Ur-Jaka: Librarian/Guardian/Paladin (my own caste, one who is a warrior, who turns the powers of destruction to the protection of that most valued.)
Chi-Jaka: Mercenary
Ja-aka: Destroyer/Murderer/Pillager/Fool (every member of the Imperium)
and the new one, it seems to describe a whole tribe… perhaps one like the Nimbii?
Suul-anach: Builder



Within the last few days I’ve attended the winter dance (where my attempts to frustrate an opposing tribe failed) a party hosted by Krogga (wherein my date decided she wished to be my “girlfriend” – also during which said girlfriend was hospitalized.) and finally brought arthur to meet the tribe at first hill, while the latter two events were both interesting, only the last was enjoyable (the second was somewhat enjoyable at times but…)

The winter dance was by far the least interesting of the three, Hedy had an idea that was capable of successfully spiting the opposing tribe (quite glad I’m not alone in my distrust of them) and showed up with here face painted blue, while not unnatractive, I’d prefer she just be herself, after all, it is not within tradition to judge people by appearance alone, and what was first and foremost attractive to me was her wisdom in wanting to protect herself against an alien threat, perhaps I should teach her how to fight?

Kroggas party was quite fun to begin with, the suggestion to jump in the lake seemed to frighten everyone but me… while very few intersting things happened in the context of the party proper, there were… other things that were far more interesting, and then Hedy injured herself in a lake, I can’t blame her for not being a fantastic swimmer, in my experience humans do it completely wrong… which brings me to an interesting thought again… Vincent van Gogh was either in a deep relationship with a Cloudweaver or was able to learn some of their rites, based on a painting of his I saw, and he was famous for remove his left ear as a gift to someone he was attracted to, this sounds like a fundamental misunderstanding of the ur-cherak rite of story-sharing, (in which a very small cut is made to the back of the ear to indicate one has chosen a mate and is willing to give up their hearing, as their prospective mate would compensate) but that rite is symbolic, not literal, so my theory is thus: van Gogh learned some rites second hand, and misunderstood some, thus humans can in fact learn the rites of Cloudweaving at least and even master them rather frightening really, although, perhaps I can teach Hedy that as well? it would certainly help her with swimming, I’ll have to take her to my training sessions with Niameh.

The third event was fantastically fun, Arthur and I went to visit Niameh, I thought they both might enjoy meeting another outsider, I asked Arthur to bring some food, and I was quite surprised when he delivered far above and beyond what was called for, while I believe prognostication to be idiotic at best, it seems when mother named Arthur ur-flurb, she was quite right, in that vein Arthur seemed to be distraught that the prophecy of the Lightwielder was a shared delusion among Cloudweavers, even those that have never met, why of course those with similar mindsets in identical settings with nearly identical abilities and cultures come to similar ideas, it’s preposterous to think otherwise. Arthur was quite… uncomfortable with some of the rites that took place, but I think in time, he will either become used to it or better at hiding his discomfort. It seems Arthur is quite beloved among the people of first hill now, I’ll have to make sure he wears the necessary markings next time, as the traditional meat-coat seems to cause him intestinal problems.

Last Note-
I wish to teach Hedy the rites of Cloudweaving and Painspeaking, and show my people here the potential to fight the imperium, I’m frightened of the first, not only because such secrets might endanger her and my people, but also because she might be disgusted with the latter… I’m worried about the second as well, but only because I fear my people will distrust the word of one as lowly as me and I doubt Arthur will advocate war of any kind.


To Space again… -

There honestly isn’t much to say about our most recent adventures… we flew to an island that upset Arthur quite a bit. I did my best to comfort him and offer methods of escape from wherever we were while Ben Trey and Koosh went to obtain the “Magic” hat we were there to find, the rest of us merely sat in a garden for a while.

It seems Ben has some level of military clout via which he is able to command the loyalty of other plant creatures… further evidence for ben being a Ja-Flurb, additionally he violated the spirit of a verbal contract immediately after making it with the intention to violate it before even making it; Honestly I hardly need to even consider Bens rank any further, I know it. Interesting thing about ben though, he contains very little water compared to most other lifeforms, it’s somewhat distressing, as water is the building block of all life, I heard he was infected with a zombie plauge, perhaps this is a side effect?

Last Note-
Arthur decided to investigate the paintings further by making exact copies to study, I managed to investigate them using the texture languages of both tribes and was surprised to find the stories of the Jaka-Flurb Brothers, two brothers from the cloudweaver clan who defied all caste conventions, the elder who used the Ur rite of cloudweaving to destroy his enemies, and the younger who used the rite of Ja lifebreathing to protect and preserve his own knowledge and skills, I’m Highly confused as to why these two are encoded into the painting, as among my people they are both a symbol of freedom and a tale cautioning against defiance of tradition the latter half because both were killed when the imperium attacked the planet, though with the youngers regenerative abilities, some say he might yet live…

Nimbus Tattoo-
I’ve decided to begin adding things I have interpreted from my tattoo, because so far no one has even shown awareness that this journal exists, not even my father; I investigated the area around where I found mention of the Suul-Anach, and found absolutely no mention of other castes or clans, I wonder what this implies for me, I’ve also found absolutely no mention of other castes or clans relating to the Nimbii either… truly a puzzle.


Battle of Titan-

Today we had a fantastically glorious battle against the imeprium on titan, there were so many there, I personally got the chance to kill a large amount of the imperium and rescue some of their enemies! It’s been a long time since I’ve had such catharsis, I was also able to save Xytxyl from being crushed by the imperium, he’s quite the threat to them, so saving him was a great blow against them, that said, I don’t ever want to use that tactic again… I think I have less than half of my ribs intact….

When we return to earth I really must bother Niameh about training in The rite of Life-Breathing, as if applied properly, it will not only extend my natural lifespan, but make me much harder to kill in general.

Last note- I’m glad Arthur didn’t come with us, though I would’ve liked to have ben around, it was a dangerous environment and I would have been glad to size up Ben’s combat prowess, as he seems one of only three face-to-face combatants in the group.

Nimbus Tattoo- didn’t have time to study it today, it’s covered in blood and ice anyway would be hard to read without hurting myself, and I don’t know how much more I can take, I need to conserve what I have for getting back to earth where Arthur can heal my wounds.


Prognostication fallacy-

We were contacted by some Rey-ka asking after arthur specifically recently, while it is definitely a trap the possible rewards were great enough that Arthur deemed it necessary to attempt it, so we went to the rey-ka station, not much more happened though it seems they are interested in prophecy and have several written in familiar looking languages on pillars, including my own…

Last note-
Short entry today, all general interactions are sort of known to anyone reading these memoirs, and for the most part that’s how we interacted, Arthur did bring his ship out of his pocket dimension though.

Nimbus Tattoo, I’ve already transcribed the prophecy though that was an… artistic rendition. As such I think I’ll add a literal translation, as the prophecy is becoming relevant, in that people ask about it, not that it’s coming true. It’s rather short.

he shall change worlds
we will know he has no home
we will know he is great
he will have an unusual appearance and will have a unique sight
the key information will be found inside a(n) (AI,Computer,spaceship, metal box?)
the lightweaver will find a sanctuary and/or resource at the northmost point of earth
the lightweaver will have to make an important decision regarding his own people that will have far reaching consequences.

Rites and Recreation-

Much happened today, I’d rather not speak of it, but it’s best to record this for posterity… I gained many powers today, but some cost more than I would have wished… the death of a chi-flurb is a dark matter, I saw in her memories that she was protected by some ka-hadan and killed by others
I was dissallowed from killing the ka-hadan and brining their bodies to the tribe to help compensate for the damage they caused…

I suppose we saved the earth today, by preventing the “scorching” of the atmosphere by the kooshai (a group that worships koosh according to some prophecy- nonsense of course.) While saving the earth is commendable, I wonder why we are still here… with the emergence of koosh’s people arthurs and my own, I wonder if we don’t have the manpower and motivation to leave the planet…

Last note- Having learned the rite of lifebreathing and a bit of the rite of preserving, I wonder if I still belong in the Ur-Jaka caste, my abilities seem to be progressing in a different direction.

Nimbus tattoo – Have discovered very little this time, I haven’t had time to read it, the Suul-Anach have another caste known as the Suul-Chaas, eventually I will learn what these mean and what they can do for my people.

“New Kids” -

There’re some new kids this week, a powerful looking lobster and an avian variety of alien, both seem friendly enough, though I’m suspicious of them, seeing as they suddenly showed up with roughly no explanation.

Not a whole lot has happened otherwise, classes have gone alright, koosh is suspiciously bigger for no reason, and seems to have recently and narrowly escaped a dangerous situation, but I’ve very little information otherwise.

My girlfriend still wishes to join up with earthcore, I wish I could dissuade her, seeing as how it’s incredibly dangerous and requires one to make deals with the govrenment that compromise ones own freedom (ironically against the ideals of the nation and the planet.) Perhaps her visit to the festival and inclusion in some basic tests could help her understand the gravity of the situation she may be entering into.

The new folks seem to have integrated into the group with relative ease, and so far there have been no major mishaps involving them, they lead me toward being rather philosophical, rather than my usual “cut-and-dry” personality, perhaps because they continue to ask the question “why?” hopefully they can become valuble allies, certainly the strong lobster can, if she can be trusted.

Last Note- I understand that other aliens have been discriminated against, and persecuted by the imperium in similar ways as my people and I, but I can’t help but feel suspicious of any and all newcomers, as very rarely has a newcomer been a positive change, relative to the times they’ve been destructive to the stability and well-being of the group.

Nimbus Tattoo- As far as I can see there are no more castes than those two in the Suul-Anach tribe, which is odd given the variety that exists within the three tribes I know, doubtless the suul-anachs lived before the imperium appeared, so perhaps they didn’t have a caste system as I am used to on my homeworld.

Return -

It has been some time since I’ve written a proper journal entry, for good reason, there have been significant developments in our journeys into space as a team… there’ve been an enourmous amount of events that are worth mentioning, but I feel that for the sake of keeping a concise journal I’ll need to pare down to the important information, ignoring that which is merely interesting.

Having returned from a trip to the asteroid vesta, wherein we assisted pirates, defeated imperium monsters and discovered something oddly familiar but entirely novel, my main concern is those lacusians we were forced to leave behind due to a shortage of space on the ship, there are other potential paths, obviously, but Arthur is hesitant, and I don’t blame him, these lacusians have lost sight of their path, and I fear he doesn’t understand the scope and range of his authority over them, I feel like I should explain it to him, given his position, but I wonder if that would change his thoughts and actions towards my people in a negative fashion… regardless I’ve three priorities now (maybe four), rescue those that are trapped on vesta, learn the secrets of the suul-Anach (more on that later) and continue to protect Arthur; He’s very skilled and intelligent, but I fear that he’s a little too reckless sometimes, while his instinct to assist is laudable, brilliant and extremely powerful, I fear it will one day get him into more trouble than I can solve while still conforming to his policy of anti-killing, truly it does solve many problems, and while I fear the others think I am merely engaging in some sort of crude humor, I know that Arthur will grow to understand the neccesity in time.

On a lighter note, I’ve been given another fantastic gift by Arthur, unfortunately, I have no honor worthy of such a gift to return… but I shall continue to do my best to be deserving… regardless, I’ve been given a way to shield my mind beyond mere willpower! This does not mean I’m anymore trusting of Trey and Elix, merely that I’m more secure in my safety and the safety of my secrets around them. On the subject of friends (tentative) I think Es’su is worthy of adoption into the tribe, and if I’m to continue working with him in battle it seems prudent, I should invite the rest to the week of celebration along with Hedy, though I am quite… hesitant about involving Trey and Elix, as if they are descovered to have telepathic abilities my people may begin to feel endagered, and while Arthur will likely be able to placate them, it seems inadvisible to upset such a large group of my people, when unified, they are a force I sincerely doubt I could come close to defeating even if I were 90 people, all 40 Lacusians tall. Honestly they could merely saturate the surroundings with so much steam and ice that I would be very hard pressed just to offer protection to myself and Arthur, even with his force-fields, flight would be the superior option. As for the others I doubt the tribes would accept them as members, but they’d likely welcome them as guests.

The third, and unfortunately smallest event I should address is the matter of my Earth “girlfriend” entering the atmosphere of the earth-space military, I truly wish she had taken my advice… I fear that our relationship is likely to last as is, perhaps I can talk to her at the festival, if indeed she decides to attend, I will try my hardest to get the tribe to adopt her as well so that she might learn the combat styles, language and attitudes of the tribesmen, and be better equipped to keep herself safe… once again, I hold out hope that she may be able to learn at least a few of the Rites; I will ask Arthur if he can design some sort of emergency communicator so that I can go and protect her if need be…

Last note-

I really wish that it were possible for me to trust Trey, as I respect her talents, and Elix as well, because I respect her (sisters,friends, mates?) talents.

Nimbus Tattoo-

This one is a bit… interesting. I’ve recently discovered that the predecessors of the Nimbii mentioned in the tattoo aren’t a tribe or caste at all, but rather a RACE, the suul-Anach, (first syllable not capatalised on purpose) that pre-dates Lacusia, not the planet but the peoples, it pre-dates even the imperiums conquering of our world… it seems that historically speaking, those that live on lacusia have a tendency toward genetic diversity; the suul-Anach diverged into four races long before the Imperium came, that said, what the Imperium did caused the extincion of three of those races, the last remaining one diverged from the Nimbii into the Cloudweavers and Seabringers that are the majority of Lacusians today. The suul-Anach were those that could manipulate light directly, that is to say, the lacusian prophecy doesn’t refer to one, rather it refers to the first sign of the return of the suul-Anach, and while I’m not one that subscribes to prophecy, infact I absolutely despise what it does to people, it would be fantastic if this one turned out to be true… at least I can garuntee Arthur that the prophecy does not apply to him, after all, there’s no way he could cause the ressurection of the suul-Anach.

Nimbus memoirs

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