Maker's Log

Maker’s Log

Monday September 5, 2016
Sol 244 5999

Today was the first day of my required attendance at what passes for education on this backwater of a planet. Curiously, I have several classmates that all have the exact same courses and based on idle conversation many of us did not sign up for these courses. If it were one or two classmates I could call it a coincidence, but it is eight classmates. I will have to hack the school database and look for any signs of tampering with our schedule. I think someone wanted us in the same classes. One of these classmates, Ben, is apparently human. However, based on his behavior and lack of understanding of slang and culture I believe this to be a masquerade. The question is, what is he hiding? Is he an agent of the enemy here to find me or does he simply have his own secrets? The rest of them are readily apparent aliens to this planet, like me. Tull is very excitable but amusing. He has an endearing if erratic personality. He seems to share my people’s value of life. So far if I could ever call anyone in this group a friend, it would be him. Noah comes from a world even more primitive than Earth, so everything he sees is new and frightening to him. I feel badly for him. He was briefly bullied by one of the many cruel alpha females of Garfield High. I foolishly lashed out at her in annoyance, this was unwise and I should refrain from doing so again. I could lead to my detection. E’su is prideful and somewhat rash. He clashed with Mr. Abernathy and I am quite certain he is responsible for the ensuing wardrobe malfunction. Why Mr. Abernathy didn’t just assume it was E’su is beyond me. XytXyl is apparently some variety of psychic creature and this has caused a great deal of alarm to our closed minded educators. I should take steps to find out if this is simply communication or actual mind reading. Could be a security risk. Sean was too quiet for me to make an assessment. He seems intelligent enough though. Moranai is interesting if a bit of a brute, she is physically superior to most around her and is aware of this fact. She offered to help me carry my burdensome books, which was kind. But I need to find my own solutions to my problems.

Most of the humans I met were insufferably arrogant and quite certain of their superiority. I have to constantly remind myself that I must quietly tolerate this behavior in order to maintain a low profile. My “educators” are, for the most part, no different. Mr. Troilus teaches art history and has a highly inflated opinion of the greatness of human culture. To his credit, he does seem to want his students to actually think as opposed to just aping his own opinions. Mr. Abernathy teaches Latin and I already regret signing up for this course. The man is afflicted by an insufferable inferiority complex, likely stemming from the marginalization of his chosen field. Mrs. Forrester-Guthrie, or Mac as she has chosen to go by, seems kind if idealistic and hopelessly romantic. She is the head of the theater and drama departments and it shows. Mr. Hawkfoot teaches “robotics”. I did not sign up for this course. Based on what they have accomplished in past semesters this course if a tremendous waste of my time and I will learn nothing here. Lunch period seems to be some sort of primitive form of jockeying for social position. I believe I will take my lunch in the Bunker in the future. Apparently the Caretaker units give me fruit infested with an eyebat I will have to improve their life form detection. Mr. Jenson teaches world history and politics. He has a very idealistic point of view as to what being an educator means and I can respect that. I share this class with a being known as Zuppa who mentioned a great machine that resurrected his entire race from extinction. Must learn more. Mr. Morahito teaches statistics and is a bully of the highest order. I will enjoy demonstrating to him that he is incapable of challenging me in his own field.

Statistics class was interrupted by a fire alarm, which seemed to be scripted. There was then a…festival of sorts. Everyone was advertising their various extra-curricular organization. I signed up for the manga club. ’Cause mecha.

Wednesday September 14, 2016
Sol 249 5999

A little over a week of this dreadful high school has passed. I have been attending an after-school activity called the “Anime-Manga Club” and the group seems to be embracing me as a leader of sorts. It’s only natural I suppose. This seems to have started a feud with one its members, named Dagney, though. Apparently being leader of this little troupe mattered to her a great deal. I am unsure how to approach that problem. Another of its members named Danuta has taken an unhealthy interest in my Bracer, even to the point of trying to push buttons on it. I will have to begin some sort of aversion training. Shock perhaps? I also witnessed a drug deal. This does not bode well for continued existence of the club as I am certain the faculty would shut the club down if they knew that was happening. I’ve also been invited to appear on a viewtube channel by a Derick Dahlin. As entertaining a prospect as this is, it is something I can not do. Appearances on media could expose me to the enemy.

Wednesday night I was invited to festivities at an establishment called “The Sanctuary”. I initially declined but once my adoptive mother heard about it she would not let it go. She is very intent on seeing to my “psychological needs”. I find it strange that she would think I have the same needs as a human child. I relented to attending to appease her. It’s often not worth the hassle of denying her. The gathering itself was essentially an intensified version of lunch hour. It was all about posturing and pecking order. Quite primitive. There was some good funk music though, most enjoyable. The cruel alpha female known as Andrea once again shamed Noah in public and I once again lashed out. I don’t know what it is about bullies but I find it difficult to resist punishing them. Perhaps an innate protective impulse. However, this time the reaction was much stronger and I mistakenly started a fight. How was I to know their reactions would be so violent? Thankfully, I was able to bring the confrontation to an end by imitating the authorities. Tel was also of great assistance by providing healing to those injured in the scuffle. I should find out how he did that. Hopefully there will be no hard feeling when the next school day begins and calmer heads will prevail. Who am I kidding, I’ll need to leave my force-field on full time next week. Violence is almost guaranteed to break out with these primitives.

Thurday September 15, 2016
Sol 250 5999

Today was an eventful day. The school day began with being informed one of the female students had been murdered, her dermal layer removed from her body. Shortly after this was announced Sean asked to be excused to the bathroom. Shorlty there after Beau Biggerstaff could be heard making a swift and noisy egress from the same bathroom. Sean and Beau had had an altercation that ended abruptly with the discovery of a second victim, mutilated in the same way. The police promptly arrested Sean and I noticed them escorting him to the security office. I decided to slip away and follow to investigate what was going on. What followed was one of the most blatant displays of bigotry I have witnessed so far on this planet. The officer in charge of the investigation had already assumed Seans guilt and attempted crude intimidation tactics to force a confession from Sean. While he admitted no guilt, apparently after the events at the Santuary the night prior, Sean went back to Garfield High School to develop photographs and write an article about the incident. [[:savinstratura-te-luxtri-aka-sean-lex | Sean], to his credit, remained adamant of his innocence and provided what information he could. Even implicating Mr. Abernathy at the school that night in a clandestine sexual encounter. Sean’s mother, Counselor Fox, was also there and was admirable in her defense of his innocence. Once this interrogation was over I returned to class.

I returned to class to find Beau slandering Sean’s name and accusing him of murder. Es’u Oddyx rose to Sean’s defense and thus began a rather primitive clash for dominance. I couldn’t help but add my own little touch to the confrontation with a reference to the Earthling myth of Pinnochio. It was probably lost on Beau. I doubt he is literate. Shortly into the yelling match a container of what I can only assume to be the Earth drug cocaine “fell” out of Beau’s pocket. After being mocked and confronted about this Beau once again lowered my expectation of human self-control and attacked Es’u. I attempted to protect Es’u from harm but it was unnecessary. He clearly has some form of military training. Several classmates got involved in the struggle to subdue Beau but it was ultimately Moranai who brought him to heel. As a side note, she is an impressive physical specimen, and apparently she gets bigger! I would very much like to witness this and take some readings. But I digress. Shortly after being subdued Beau went into shock brought on by overdose of the drugs he had in his pocket. I was able to keep his body from failing with an injection of adrenaline to the heart. Orion IX of House Vylace a.k.a. Ben advised against treating Beau. Something about it being illegal. Enh, Earth law. Once I stabilized Beau a nurse and school police arrived and took Beau into custody. I am curious if Beau will somehow manage to be angry with me. I consider it likely. Thus ended homeroom.

Latin class began with Mr. Abernathy immediately being called to the security office. That was amusing. I doubted Abernathy was knowingly involved in the murders. But, it did take the wind out of his arrogant sails. We had a substitute of some sort after that. A librarian I think. I didn’t take note of his name. He was completely unable to maintain order throughout the class. Sean then began to request our aid in finding the true killer. I agreed without hesitation. So did my other classmates of note. Most specifically, the same group I have every class with. Rather suspicious. I believe we have been manipulated in some way. Tel was then able to locate the creature responsible through the use of telepathy. Yet another telepath, irritating. Tel shared what he felt through the creatures mind and based on that and eye witness testimony from Noah I was able to determine our murderer was a chentoliak, an extremely dangerous breed of shape-shifter. Interestingly enough, Orion IX of House Vylace a.k.a. Ben displayed an equal understanding of what we were dealing with. How very interesting that a baseline human would know what a chentoliak is. I am on to you, buster. Anyway, with Tel leading the way our large group of brutes were able to locate it and beat it about the face and other extremities until it was unconscious. Yay, barbarism. I then retired for the evening to work on my many projects. Hopefully everything else worked out for everyone.

Friday September 16, 2016
Sol 251 5999

There was a candle light vigil held for the deceased students tonight. I can not pretend to understand the custom. I attended to observe and learn its significance to Earth custom. It would seem that death has an immense social impact on Earth. However, no mention of the other 150,000 plus people that die everyday on this planet was made. It would seem that humans both do and do not care about one another, it’s strangely selective. This seems normal considering the average human’s inability to think and perceive outside of the immediate. They are an impulsive and insular people. Probably why they are so divided. But, I digress. Several of the humans in attendance displayed anger at the death of their friend, and despite the fact that the party responsible was caught they still have some strange outcry for “justice”. This justice will probably take the form of lashing out at people that weren’t even remotely responsible. Humans.

Monday September 18, 2016
Sol 253 5999

It is back to business as usual in Garfield High. The “scuttlebutt”; I like this word, I picked it from my adoptive father; around school is centered firmly around homecoming as of late. The local Humans can discuss little else. It even feels like the faculty itself is encouraging this behavior. I believe this is meant as a distraction. From what I can not say. It might simply be to help the students forget how dreadful the entire high school experience is. Homecoming seems deeply intertwined with Human courting ritual. Students are making a very big deal about who they are going to the event with. Even other species are becoming mired in it. Moranai has a date with a Ka’Hadan female. There was even open discussion of “making out” Most disturbing. On the subject of Moranai, she let me take measurements of her wings today! Her species is quite fascinating and I wish to learn more about them. Apparently it is a common ability to assume a shape similar to other species they are interacting with. Additionally, all Draconai are capable of some form of telepathic communication with one another. Just like Administrators. When she changes to human form, she shrinks a great deal. I am curious where the excess mass goes. She claims that it doesn’t and that her smaller body is just very dense. I would like to confirm this, but I lack a lab of sufficient size.

I finally had a confrontation with Danuta. She simply can’t seem to keep her hands to herself. It is extremely frustrating. I am growing increasingly mired in the lie that my bracer is simply a wrist mounted computer. This is of course an outright fabrication but I can’t very well tell the truth on the matter. I suspect that the short-sighted Humans would demand I surrender the device or at the very least try to forbid me bringing it to school, despite its complete lack of offensive capabilities. Danuta was instructed to leave me alone, but I don’t think she’s going to listen. I may have to disguise the bracer in the future. If she ever manages to partially activate the bracer then she could cause severe damage to herself. Dimensional physics is not a toy.

Monday October 31, 2016
Sol 296 5999

I have been…remiss is my logging duties for the last 43 days. I admit this is partially due to a growing concern that I am creating records that will never be read by a successor. However, I believe I owe it to my predecessors to ensure that if I am the last of my kind that the final chapter of our story is told. Much has changed. I have found myself forming a bond with my fellow extra-terrestrial classmates. I believe this is an instinctual attempt to preserve my own sanity. Prior to beginning my attempts to aid and even protect them I found myself descending into a malaise of doubt and self pity. I do not believe Iktojians are biologically equipped for extended isolation. We have taken to calling ourselves “The Study Group” I have elected to craft equipment to aid and protect this group. Members are Myself, Hunter, Dillan, Es’u, Noah, and XytXyl. Moranai, Sean, and Tel’Tho’a are still treasured friends, but no longer members of the group, for individual reasons I will discuss later.

The Inquisition has arrived on Earth and even launched a brief and spectacularly ineffective attack. The Inquisition was unprepared for the defenses that could be brought to bear by Bastion and were swiftly routed. The Study Group was able to capture a crashed inquisition ship and hand them over to the authorities. The Inquisition ship had an overloading fusion core, which could have destroyed everything withing several hundred meters. With the assistance of XytXyl I was able to prevent the overload and commandeer the core itself. I have used this core to power up key sections of the ship. A very useful find indeed. The arrival on the Inquisition and thus the Empire on Earth has forced my hand. Division and attempting to stand alone is no longer possible. If I do nothing Earth will fall to the Empire, and me along with it. I have joined forces with them and provided them with information and technologies they need to defend themselves. It is my sincere hope that I am not solving a problem now to create one for future generations. The Empire is living proof that Humans can not be trusted with power. I have never before so desired to be proven wrong.

Danuta turned out to be a member of a secret American organization called Gov-Sec that was actively spying on aliens to determine threats to their country and world. While I can appreciate the sentiment of protecting one’s own people, I still find her ham-fisted and inept approach to be infuriating. The study group has allied with Gov-Sec and thus Earth Corps in the interest of self-preservation. This has had the delightful side effect of making Danuta shut up.

Morania is lost to me for now. She and several others contracted a the disease known as Scarlet Schlera, a regressive disease that causes outbursts of violence and eventual coma. A full diagnostic and range of viable treatment options will be attached a seperate file. With the help of the rest of the study group and use of a barely passable lab at the University of Washington I was able to craft a cure, but not before Morania regressed into what I could only call an egg. Tel’Thoa assures me this is nothing to be alarmed about and even a very special and momentous event. I wish to learn more about this, but I simply do not have the time to devote to it. I have shared the cure for Scarlet Schlera with the people of Earth as well as Bastion. It is my hope that this disease will someday be eradicated.

Sean discovered that his organelles were infecting those around him and were causing flu like symptoms. At the same time the ship that brought him here awakened and was causing no end of trouble. Apparently Sean was being called home. I did not like it, but Sean elected to leave us to stop the problems he was causing and to rejoin his people. Sean gave each of us the option of keeping the infections organelles or having them removed. I opted to keep mine, based on information I gained from Sean I believe they may be the solution to long range communication in the galaxy. I also wish to remember Sean, he was a good friend.

Tel’Thoa was also infected with Scarlet Schlera. His treatment was completely successful but I think his mother has forced him to keep further adventuring at arm’s length. We miss his insight but he does lend assistance from time to time and remains a source of cheer in often desperate times.

I write this fully knowing I may redact it at a later date. Recorded history of the Iktojian people is incomplete. I have found evidence that the Iktojians were colonized, and subsequently wiped out by the Aztlanti, on the Imperial planet of Estakur a full 500 years before Iktojian history begins with The Awakening. The implication of this discovery are many. There may be no Founders, I think we may have made ourselves. I have to ask myself…did the 1st Maker lie to his people? Did he know? This line of thinking, that previous Makers may have actively hidden knowledge from their people, is frightening. It seems counter to our very purpose. But now I look upon all previous Makers with suspicion.

Excavation and restoration of the ship goes well. Most of the superstructure is now above ground and I have successfully restored power to the computer core. I have dubbed the ship the “I.S.S. Avalon”. A play on the Arthurian legends of Earth with which I share a name. I rather like it. This was clearly a colony ship, but not just a colony ship. The genetic samples, the cloning lab, the accelerated growth pods. This is a seed ship. It is equipped with everything needed to bring my people back from the dead. I am sorely tempted to do so now. I would no longer be alone. But dare I? Am I ready to lead them? Can I promise them I will find them a new home? I often wish I had guidance on these decisions. They are difficult.

I have discovered energy readings on this planet that were previously unheard of in Iktojian science. These energies are lower and higher bands of radiation than prevously though possbible and are tied to what they call Magic on Earth. While am not one for superstition, the study of magic on Earth is well understood in its own way. I believe these energies may be in some way connected to the parahuman phenomenon. I have created a device capable of detecting these radiation bands and I believe I will be able to use this device to further study the matter.

I am sure I am missing things but that is all for now. I will endeavor to supply regular updates from hereon, circumstances allowing.

Wednesday November 2, 2016
Sol 298 5999

I was able to use my medical knowledge to help Johnathan Steele, Es’u and Dillan’s adoptive father. He had a large brain tumor and without a full Iktojian medical lab the only real option at the tumor’s advanced stage was surgery. The procedure was a success but it took a great deal of effort and even threats from Nicole Steele to allow me to treat him. The doctor’s of this world are highly resistant to admitting that a child of another species could succeed where they may fail. I am unsure if this is simply healthy skepticism and concern for those under their care or ego. It would make it easier to help the people of Earth if I had a medical license, but getting one would be a very time consuming distraction.

Two new students extra-terrestrial students are getting involved with the study group, Koosh and Trey. Koosh is a Devourer and is already subject to a great deal of bigotry, even by a member of the study group. Hunter seems to have a large amount of unfounded fear regarding Devourers in general, all based on misinformation and ignorance. The story of the Devourers is a sad one and mirrors the tale of my own people in many respects. I, for one, will endeavor to help Koosh integrate into our group. Trey is….problematic. Her people are natural empaths and she seems frustratingly unaware of the control she has over Humans. Luckily, her powers of empathic manipulation only seem to work on Humans. However, she seems to encompass the feminine ideal for humans and everywhere she goes it seems the conversation becomes about the desire to breed with her or breeding in general. It is truly disgusting. Trey herself is enjoyable enough, it is everyone around her that is irritating. An interesting, if frustrating, conundrum. Trey’s abilities are already paying off at least. She was able to question a member of the Hornblower’s Guild that transported a group of Inquisitors to Earth and gain key information that could lead to the location of their ship. We are departing shortly. More later.

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