The little known race of Iktojians are believed to be native to the system they call Ikto. They once had a society spanning three planets in this solar system, but no longer have a planet or even a civilization they can truly call their own.

Iktojians are a small race, rarely reaching more than one meter in height. They have hairless and mottled skin similar to an Earth amphibian with colorization varying by caste. Iktojians have large ears on the sides of their heads that swivel and pivot as they take in sounds from various directions. Their eyes are large black featureless orbs. They have mouths not unlike a human’s and blunt teeth to suit their herbivore diet. The race walks on two digitigrade legs and have short, vestigial, lizard-like tails. They have two arms ending in hands with 4 fingers, two for grasping and two opposable fingers on the opposite sides of the hand.

Iktojians have been hunted into near extinction by a race they know only as “the enemy”. The final scion of this fallen race is Arthur Fex, the 50th and perhaps final Maker.

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