HunrassBountyHunter.jpgThe Hunrassi (or to themselves, the Hunrass) value sagacity, cunning and the ability to show domination above all things.

Their homeworld, Negu is a mostly airless, arid tomb world, which houses around 100K+ of the race, which considering the dense gravity by earth standards, and it’s inhospitable landscape is rather impressive. Long ago blasted by wars, the Hunrassi homeworld is a hot, high gravity rock, and only technology allows most to survive there. Xenophobes, the Hunrass hate all other races, and only seem capable of holding individuals in esteem when they have proven to be a better hunter than they.

The Hunrassi’s primary export is themselves, and ore that they are slowly stripping from the core of their decimated world. Hunrassi are commonly hired as mercenaries and soldiers (though they deeply dislike accepting orders from ‘lesser’ races), and some are miners, scavengers or bounty hunters. Hunrassi prefer a solitary existence when not in a war party.

Hunrass mate via egg insemination. The females lay eggs, which the males inseminate. After insemination, there is a pitched battle between mother and father. The winner is strong enough to raise the clutch. The loser is usually dead. Around 6-8 fledgeling Hunrass can be expected per clutch, however most young Hunrassi are encouraged by their parents to kill each other to prove which one is the strongest.

Hunrassi NPCS:
Sladek Kruun


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