Food in the Milky Way


The Milky Way is filled with strange flora and fauna, some deadly, some delicious, and some both:

Here are a few foods the party has heard of or encountered.

# Food Type Planet of Origin Notes
1 Ale common Talon cost: 1
2 Beer common Talon cost: 1/2/3
3 Cymbysis crystal distillate Caelum A mildly euphoric novelty drink
4 Hard liquor common Talon cost: 2/4/6
5 Red Latta Bark Modiana Chewed for it’s hallucinatory effect
6 Wine common Talon cost: 3/6/12
7 Cow’s Cheese common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
8 Cow’s Milk common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
9 Goat’s Cheese common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
10 Goat’s Milk common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
11 Mepirang Estakhr The milk of a multi-humped gargantuan pack camel Achiyote
12 Ojupe Graal Mountain goat’s milk from the cliffs of Graal
13 Prorragette Iridol Amphibious dromedary beast milk
14 Uggoriac Suty Great domesticated jungle cat milk drunk only by the wealthy
15 Raseonach eggs Dryria Known for their bladed wings, Rasonach eggs are dangerous to harvest
16 Fire Onion Odium Not onions, but the multi-shelled eggs of a fire-breathing Arcwing
17 Carambola S’tid Eggs from a bird common to the Jith Hegemony
18 Daydream Grape Droth Has narcotic effects, Reduces appetite in some races
19 Xasheaquat Plasonia A sweet, tart, yellow fruit
20 Kleetearicot [[Uclu’olara]] A gem-shaped, sparkling blue fruit
21 Nightmare Mango Spurn A deep purple fruit native to the Chaldathan homeworld
22 Washequila Garhira Spiney and cactus-like, often used to make alcahol
23 Barley common A valuable staple almost everywhere in the galaxy
24 Dekiorel Bamboo Ikon Shares a common ancestor with bamboo, though much stronger
25 Plilleotain Rushes Shora Produces nutritious seeds, often salted and roasted
26 Thunder Salal Vobrad Slightly electrified arcs pass between these savory reeds
27 Millrice common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
28 Megawheat Andstaurran A highly genetically modified wheat, highly prized for it’s resilience
29 Wheat common A valuable staple almost everywhere in the galaxy
Infant Food, Formula
30 Ufantine Kavicenna A mixture of goat and camel milk and millrice for infants
31 Vizoku Sepulcher The juice of a Zoku nut, said to bring visions of death
32 Fizzy Gluco-Asteroid Erisia Naturally carbonated by mineralized water falls, prune juice
33 Ocean Pommerac Holy Ersetu Floating seed-pods on the ocean contain a fresh, tart water
Legumes (beans)
34 Black Mundu Hraban Grainy textured snow-beans masked by a flavor not unlike pickled plums
35 Brown Cocona Andstaurran Potent beans with a flavor reminiscent of genuine garlic
36 Coffee Ajalon A bean that when roasted and filtered produces a bitter drink
37 Peanuts common A valuable staple almost everywhere in the galaxy
Meat, Poultry
38 Notteomelo wing S’tid Color-changing bird whose meat is sweet
39 Ammeodilla breast Tulku A dessert scavenger eaten by the Beni Chorfa
40 Klacciarang Pentateuch A ‘changed’ ape-flightless bird hybrid, gone feral
Meat, Red
41 Beef common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
42 Lamb common A common, if expensive meat
43 Goat common A common staple of the Galactic Imperium
44 Hairless Dillworm Xiushan The flesh of this worm used to be a delicacy
45 Yattele shank Dusk The fierce Yattele prowl the undercities of Dusk
46 Achiyote ribs Erem The ribs of a multi-humped gargantuan pack camel
47 Tuktuvak flank Erisia The flesh of a kind of arctic buffalo, nearly extinct
Meat, Seafood
48 Abyss Choy Eel Geonides The great alien eels of Geonides
49 Koodian Swordfish Bafreu’lia A black swordfish from a lake depper than the sea
50 Tropical Bacuri Omphalos A common and quite popular red-fleshed fish
51 Somowan Reef Arrowclaw Suty Crabs as big as men with razor sharp claws. Good with butter
52 Viridian Salmon Capital Secundus A popular fish on the Imperium throneworld
53 Edriacress Hotan Coconut sized Chesnut
54 Amiobola Arago Known as Dance Nuts, can cause euphoria and dancing
55 Heart Celeriac Hotan A large red nut whose purified oil acts as a blood thinner
Pet/Dromedary Food
56 Alfalfa common
57 Crispy Mantis Biscuits Droth Devourer chefs stumbled accross THE treat for dromedaries
58 Hay common
59 Brynvald Icecarp Brynvald A hearty staple of the Aesir world Brynvald
60 Ijeojube Ajalon A robust squid popular on starliners
61 Sea Broccolini Ushichi Spikey sea-plants popular among aquatic races
63 Soda-pop common Often bitter, more like seltzer TL4+ worlds only
64 Silk Muscadine Omphalos Similar to chocholate
65 Vacuum-Packed Flavo-Shapes Capital Secundus A manufactured pressed millrice chip popular in the capital
66 Breaded Poultry Wands Exculpa No longer manufactured on Exculpa but they last forever
67 Dried Algae Flush Slichi The only treat in the galaxy that can make a Chaldathan squee
68 Creamy Gluco-Loaf Hraban Made in a small automated Second Republic factory on Hraban
69 Liquidized Vitro-Meat Qotrosie Part of every Nova Corps ration pack, nutritious, vitamin full
70 Acicona Aetis Similar to corn, with red pustules often roasted and popped
71 Andstaurran Corn Andstaurran A genetically hybridized corn, highly prized for it’s resilience
72 Vunelal Madinah A nutritious fungus
73 Autumn Melon Graal A gourd used in many dishes
74 Slurrocado Akkadios A bumpy green vegatable with delicious green goop inside
75 Fade Radish Lamerake A strangely translucent vegetable with a peppery taste
76 Maize common An ancient strain of corn still present on many worlds
77 Plankton Criticus A useful ‘base food’ for a variety of synthetics
78 Pleccerin Leaf [[Uclu’olara]] A Hoylachi plant with natural antibiotic qualities
79 Phallutillo Plant Ekka Aloe-like plant used by the Ka’Hadan
80 Potatoes Andstaurran A common staple of many planets in the galaxy
81 Eddu Root Geonides The fire root of Geonides contains a highly flammable oil
82 Silver Kabosu Pithos These leaves, dried and steeped make an excellent tea
83 Sugar common Stalks of sugar canes when ground roduce this sweet staple
84 Qocliocan Parapet Can be used to make tea, but is also deadly poison if taken directly
85 Hellrock Spring Water Akkadios Said to have healing properties
86 Mabbilfeo flesh Caelum Said to produce visions and temporary psychic powers


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