Economy - The Galactic Emerald

Accepted by many races as a neutral currency standard, the galactic emerald is a currency comprised of stored energy within a crystal. Energy is known to be a universal need among all space faring races, and therefore has a value to each of them that can be easily translated. A single “Em” is enough energy to fire a laser pistol a once. The green crystal that is used to store these units has an amazing capacity for storage (up to 1000 Ems) and grow naturally on many planets.

Galactic Emerald

3 / Level Item of Power
- 2 / Level confers no bonus to holder
- 2 – doesnot upgrade or change
- 1 – Requires minor gadget

Level 4 Item of Power
– Level 5 Cosmic Energy Bonus
Holds 6000 energy (split into 6 1000-energy crystals)

Economy - The Galactic Emerald

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