Chrisperience and Gaining XP

ttaffbh_why_it_didnt_catch_on.pngI have my own experience system that has been dubbed ‘Chrisperience’.

Definition: 1 Chrisperiance is worth as much as a single Skill Point (1/10th of a Character Creation Point), so ten Chrisperience = 1 “CP” as the book calls it. We refer to 10 Chrisperience as 1 Build Point also. Since it costs one Creation/Build point to buy ten skill points, you might also look at it like one Chrisperience = 1 skill point if that helps.

For Teenage Aliens I give 2 Chrisperience a night just for showing up

…and one extra for other various things:

Repeatable Chrisperience:

  • Updating 1 wiki or Character gets you 1 Chrisperience (repeatable each week). This can be any details about encounters had with an NPC, descriptions of in-character locations visited, It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a few sentences, maybe a short paragraph – just help expand the galaxy a little. Need help finding things to add to the wiki? Ask. I will have a buh-jillionty things. Also as I introduce new concepts, NPCs and races I will update an ‘unfinished things’ post on the website that I will link here.
    – The idea is that if you create an entry with a paragraph or two one day, and then later you go back and add to an entry when the characters and players gain new information, that the second visit is worth a CP as well.
  • 1 Chrisperience for writing the Adventure Log post from the previous week (repeatable each week).
  • Player nominations – We go round robin at the end of the night and nominate players for exceptional role-play. Whoever has the most votes gets an extra Chrisperience.
  • 1 Chrisperience for bringing food or drinks to share at game!
  • 1 Chrisperience for giving a fellow player a ride to or from game!
  • 1 Chrisperience for cooking food to share at game!
  • 1 Chrisperience for staying late and helping to put food away and make sure the space is as clean as it started out!

One-time (per character) Chrisperience:

  • 1 time Chrisperience for picking a theme song for your character (post it on your character profile).
  • 1 time Chrisperience for creating a written background in the Character section for your character that includes things like:
    - family/relatives (original)
    - family/relatives (earth foster parents)
    - origin story
    - eruption of powers (if applicable)
    - Alien race physical attributes/flaws/powers
    - Alien Race Economy
    - Alien Race Religion
    - world of origin
  • 1 time Chrisperience for checking out the Periodic Table of Superhero Origins and Powers and then posting your character’s ‘formula’ on your character page! Alien is in there!

    In Alien Teenagers, you can get up to 6 repeatable Chrisperience a week (not counting the adventure log and wiki posts) plus ‘one time bonus’ Chrisperience for theme songs and backgrounds, etc.
    As time progresses, I may give additional bonuses for other things.


Chrisperience and Gaining XP

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