Beast Description
Abyss Choy Eel Gargantuan eels found on Geonides
Achiyote Gargantuan pack camel, also valued for it’s milk
Ammeodilla An armored vulture eaten by the Beni-Chorfa
Annone Pack-hunting alien raptors
Apophisian Draconai centipedal wingless dragon
Arcwing Electricity-based flight, breathes fire, ‘fire onion’ eggs an expensive commodity
Ashak Large, man-eating insectoids
Bandithar Large, white psuedo-apes
Bicuhar Bat Quantum entangled twin-born bats
Bilge Shrike Living shadows dangerous to space-farers
Blistering Orchid A glittering, golden prism-like orchid that turns deep red when touched and leaves a tiny blister
Bolzekka Giant ‘jellybees’ that pollenate megaflora
Candleplume Peacocks with stunning fiber-optic plumage that looks like stained glass
Carambola Beautiful bird unique to the Jith worlds
Caribal Lizard A large brown mamilian lizard capable of stripping flesh with pihranna-like speed
Charazdocanth A mega-starfish capable of pulling whole ships underwater
Chauki Clone Bio-genetically altered creatures once human, but now adapted to pure killing
Chervin Goat-horse hybrid, used as dromedary, can be ridden
Dekkian Crawler Mind-bending millipede
Desert Firebat Blood-sucking creatures of the night
Dhiarzenka Mischevious shapeshifing spirits
Doggoth Dog-like, bred fat to look harmless, vicious defense
Evik Hawk-like bird bred as hunting companions
Fescher Serpant bred as pets can pierce armor with venom
Fleshflyer Corrosive flesh-digesting avians
Flying Asp Multi-winged venomous serpant
Forest Wraith A ghostly mist-apparition that feeds on warmth
Ghareeb Coyote men – Second Republic experiments in gene splicing
Great Hydra An extremely agressive giant squid with a beak capable of piercing ship hulls
Glitterwraith A highly-advanced robotic forcefield projector capable of projecting almost form
G.O.O.P. Shimmering blobs of wearable, programmable, translucent metamaterials for industrial use
G.U.N.K. Shimmering blobs of wearable, programmable, translucent metamaterials for defense
Gurdvulf Wolf-sabertooth tiger hybrid bred as hunting companions
Griffin Genetically engineered, now bred, ridable griffins in the style of the mythic beasts
G.H.U.L. Geological excavation constructs
Guertannabeast Long-ago genetically manipulated lions, bred for intelligence and loyalty
Hairless Dillworm The flesh of these used to be a delicacy until it’s homeworld was overrun
Haraninque Puddles of intelligent predetory inky darkness
Huntsped Regressive cavemen with Posthuman strength
Ka’Hadan T’Ghar War Dog Trained and ferocious alien dogs of war
Kaffada Alien saurian hunter-killer similar to the T-rex
Kavicenna’s Curse (Void Plague) A disease with a dark purpose results in these eldritch horrors
Kelet-i-Falshir A general term for a form of spiritual being similar to the ‘djinn’ and ‘demons’ of Arabic lore
Kelet Eslemiel Pashun A spiritual being similar to the ‘djinn’ of Arabic lore
Kelet Yar Afrit A spiritual being similar to ‘demons’ of Arabic lore
Klacciarang A flightless ape-like geneticly altered avian often hunted for it’s meat
Kraken Spawn Energy-consuming psudo-pod having creatures that consume engine power
Largo Strangleweed A contracting form of kelp that has uses as restraints
Lawviscii A strange biological non-sentient collector of laws
Leviathan Mega-sized sea creatures, draconic in shape
Madogian Titan Tortise A tortice the size of a small island that lives on Madog
Maligerisian Husk Ice zombies created with strange void energies
Modianan Vixus Badger-wolfhound cross that go mad with the phases of the moon
Mokhorana Flightless, ridable ‘land-egle’ dromadaries
Molahdi Bhenza Ridable dromedary draft and war saurians that run on two legs
Nakai Snake A slim, highly venomous deadly snake
Nakkuta Ridable draconic great birds highly prized as mounts
Needletongue Strider Insectoid large water-strider that fires life-draining needles
Notteomelo Bird with chameleon-like plumage, it’s fried wigns are a delicacy
Neo Unicorn Genetically engineered (long ago) unicorns
Psi-Crow (And psi-ravens) consume the eyes of recently dead psychics and serve as companions
Prorra Amphibious ox-like dromadaries, reknowned for their sweet blue milk
Radosian Sanddweller Semi-sentient man-lizards that use a form of ventriliquism to lure unsuspecting victims
Raseonach Blade-winged saurian birds reknowned for their eggs
Red Beauty Drone A strange construct rumored to be aboard a lost ship
Red Beauty Livestock Beasts aboard a lost vessel
Regisian The most awkward animal in the known galaxy. Farts when frightened.
Ruakin Serpant with mind-altering venom
Rukhwing A Pteradactyl the size of a passenger plane
Rust Slug Metal-ingesting slugs that pose a serious threats to starships if left unchecked
Sand Boar A massive armored boar that lives in desert climates
Scarlet Whip A hazardous plant that binds the legs of those who place weight on it
Scrap Monkey Primates that frequent junk piles and trash heaps
Severing Angler A tree-like insect that feeds on unsuspecting beasts in the forest
Shazzas Ferret-like, trained to pick locks
Sikkeena (Knife Weasels) Roam arctic regions in large herds, have opposable thumbs and attack humans
Shrivakinas Rear-legless salamander-like predetors
Silicon Consuming Bacteria Consumes silicon, and can criple technological infrastructure
Skerra Pre-historic man-eating felines
Skellzik Scavenger birds that flock and are dangerous in numbers and can precognitively sense death
Somowan Reef Arrowclaw Crabs as big as men with massive claws, good with butter
Talgathi Dromedary lizards highly sensitive to electromagnatic fields
Techspider A sillica-based lifeform that feeds on energy
Tiamatian War Mink Gene-spliced giant minks
Tropical Bacuri Popular fish for eating, somewhat dangerous to catch
Tukvaki Space Yaks, highly resistant to cold
Tuskmound A seething pile of fungus and bones
Tweewin Bleedtouched psychic squirrels
Uggor Jungle cat milk drunk by the ultra-wealthy
Uvik Mutated space otters with tusks and a crippling bite
Unada A crocodile-like creature hunted for it’s leather
Void Kraken Starship-scale creatures rumored to live inside of jump-space
Vuathi Giant riding crane
Vulpinethrope Were-foxes rumored to carry a plague
Walking Gargoyle, The Rogue automata fumored to be posessed by a Primmortal ghost
Warp Rat A fungus-covered pig-sized rat capable of warping reality
Water Spore A giant sea-cucumber capable of draging creatures into the sea
Wechselvolg A legendary demonic creature that takes the form of an infant child
Whip-Tailed Fly A giant mosquito-like insect capable of carrying and subduing a human
Yattele The infamous ‘warp dogs’ of Dusk
Zadduk Wasp Human-sized wasps that lay eggs inside their prey
Zargan Hideous mutant man-bat
Zarzar A pirahna-bee
Zlexix A lizard with a dart-shaped tongue
Zumac A giant axe-beaked dodo-bird

Beast Template:

Name Name of the creature
Homeworld Which Solar System did the creature originate from?
Present Distribution How common is the creature, on what planets?
Type Carnivore? Herbivore? Omnivore? Energyvore?
Size (from the charts below)
Weight How many KGs
Habitat What biomes do they survive and thrive in? Tropical jungle? Subterranean cavern?
Social Organization Packs, solitary, other unique groupings?
Description What the creature looks like, any special features or powers?
Behavior How the creature acts, domesticated? food? Prey or predator?
Commodity What parts are salable and for what purpose? Fashion? As war beasts? Dromedary beasts of burden?

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