Ashamoneto (Vajslo Un’an) System


Ruler: Baron Klimenty Bogovi
Cathedral: None
Agora: A wretched hive of scum and villainy
Garrison: 3
Capital: None
Jumps: 4
Tech Level: 6
Posthuman Population: 300 million
Alien Population: Unknown
Resources: minerals, ores, agriculture, aquiculture, forestry, Ancient ruins
Exports: foods, narcotics, heretical documents, relic tech, magic lantern entertainments

Solar System

Star: Abnaki (bright yellow star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Waabanakiing 0.3AU
Anishinaabeg 0.8AU 1 moon
Ashamoneto 1.2AU 2 moons
Abnaki Belt 7.3-8.4AU
Ojibwe 12.1AU
Saulteaux 14.7AU 31 moons
Nish 28.4AU 17 moons
Cree 47.4AU 61 moons
Jump gate 72.7AU

Ashamoneto is a strange world. On the surface it looks First Earth-like, but closer inspection reveals strange rock formations, sea shapes, and mountain ranges bearing an uncanny resemblance to Primmortal Glyphs. It is commonly believed that cloud formations and shadows on Ashamoneto can be interpreted to predict the future. There are a number of occult organizations that study such phenomena (real or imaginary), claiming they divine messages from the Primmortals or the spirits of the world.


Formally discovered in GD 2743, Ashamoneto has always had a strange attraction for occultists and mystics of every persuasion. There is some anecdotal evidence that Bleedtouched fleeing the First Republic and the Bleed War may have discovered the world two centuries earlier, although no archeological remains of this early colony have so far been discovered. Those who settled here in the 29th and 30th centuries GD came to escape the growing power of the Universal Sectus. In GD 3520, the people of Ashamoneto sought legal recognition and protection from the Second Republic, to preserve their diverse and unique cultural heritage by restricting the access of the Universal Sectus. By now, the Jith had informed humanity that the world belonged to the Hegemony, although they had no particular interest in developing it. Negotiations were initiated, and in 3555 Ashamoneto was established as a joint protectorate between the Jith and the Second Republic. The Ashamoneto Treaty established miniature version of the Republic’s bureaucracy to administer the world, and expressly barred the Universal Sectus or its agents access. When the Fall came, the bureaucracy reorganized itself into the Administration, a local guild nominally affiliated to the emergent Shoqëri Guilds. More recently (4997 GD) the Administration has sworn fealty to Emperor Chryselios I. In 4999 GD, the Ashamoneto Alliance was established as an interest organization to lobby for extended citizens’ rights and special favors.

Under the protections established by the Ashamoneto Treaty (3555 GD), Ashamoneto has a considerable stock of relic technology, surviving from the time of the Second Republic, as well as a large number alien technologies filtering through from the Jith Hegemony. Still, the population possesses little know-how of how to use and maintain much of this technology. Unable to enter the Ashamoneto system under the vigilant eyes of the Jith, the Sectus Fleet instead maintain a close watch on the jump gates in the Casco and Ikon systems, where inspection of starships coming in from Ashamoneto are almost as frequent and strict as those entering Bhonnaich, Milhamot, or Estakhr space from Odium.

The basic standard of living for the 300 million strong populations is high compared to the Galactic Imperium, and there is also a large alien population on Ashamoneto, most notably Reikaw and Stoucrix, who mix freely with the Posthuman majority. Technologies forbidden by the Universal Sectus can be found in the open, including golems, mass media, advanced transportation networks, and certain legal concepts and entities abolished elsewhere by the nobility after the Fall – most notably the Corporation (a non-person entity permitted to hold property). The Posthuman lands on Ashamoneto receive very little guidance and authority from the Galactic Imperium, and it is therefore a haven to all kinds of renegades, criminals, and outsiders; occultists and exotics lives here without suffering persecution or discrimination.


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