Jumptech - Jump Drive

A jump drive allows a ship to travel through the jump gates.


In order to use a jump gate, a jump drive is needed. A jump drive is not a drive per se, but a device that allows a ship to bend space and time enough to be teleported to a distant part of the galaxy by a Jump Gate, through jump space, also called the space between, or colloquially among the Hornblower’s guild, the Bleed.

Among the majority of the Galactic Imperium, The Ingenium Guild alone knows how to manufacture and tune Jump Drives, and therefore, share a hegemony over most galactic travel with the Shofar Guild, who controls the Ingress Keys.


Physically, jump drives vary in size, however are too large to fit within smaller ships like explorer-class picket ships or fighters. Frigates or freighters and other large capital ships are capable of both producing enough power to travel through gates and out into the void.

Jumptech - Jump Drive

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