Vellian, Tra'amut Ehlis, aka Trey

The Vot'ka Hah


Race: Vellian
Age: 7 Solar Cycles, or 17 Years by the maturity standards of Humans
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 103 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Core Statistics
Mind 10
Body 5
Soul 5

Derived Statistics

Mind Control: Humans: 5 (4 – Humans with a -3 Reduction: Only controls emotions)
Area 3 – 10 meters
Duration 3 – 1 minute
Targets 3 – 10 people

Sixth Sense: Emotions (-0 Reduction: Permanently On)
Area – 3

Mind Shield: 4

Highly Skilled: 5

Special Attack: 6 (1)
Mind Attack: 5
Incapacitating: 3
No Damage: -1
Short Range: – 1
Toxic: – 1

General Skills
Boating: 1
Small Boats

Cultural Arts: 2
World History
Pop Culture

Domestic Arts: 1

Etiquette: 2
Upper Class

Interrogation: 5
Good Cop
Bad Cop

Languages: 3
Vellian (Native)
Galactic Latin
Ka Hadan

Medical: 1
First Aid

Seduction: 2

Social Sciences: 2

Swimming: 2
Long Distance

Marked: Large back “tattoo” – 2
Less Capable: Mind (Lying) – 1
Feature: Appearance – 2
Adaption: Radiation – 1
Famous – 2
Recurring Nightmares – 2

ITEM OF POWER: M50 Power Armor
Item of Power lvl 2
Detectable lvl 2, Electromagnetic Field, Dimensional Anomaly, Heat Signature
Marked lvl 1, emits faint concealable glow from armor docking ports
Armour lvl 2
Activation Time lvl 2, 1 round
Detectable lvl 1 Visible Protective Plates
Requires Piloting roll for complex maneuvers
Speed lvl 1
100 kph, 277 meters per round
Dependent lvl 1 to Armour
Detectable lvl 2 Plasma Jets: Sight, Sound, Heat
Limited Use, Ongoing lvl 1
Jumping lvl 3
50 times normal distance (1250 meters horizontal. 625 meters vertical)
Dependant lvl 1 to Speed
Heightened Sense lvl 4
Radio Reception, Infravision, Night Vision, Motion Sensor
Dependent lvl 1, Armour
Unique Defect, one vision sense active at a time
Special Defense lvl 3
Air/Oxygen to Breathe lvl 2
Flare attacks lvl 1, +3 to defense checks
Dependent lvl 1, Armor
Adaptation lvl 3
Low/No Pressure, High Pressure, Noxious Gases
Dependent lvl 1 to Armor
Enhanced Attribute: Body lvl 3
Dependent lvl 1 to Armor
The M50 Power Armor is a line of power armors recently developed by Arthur Fex. The armor itself is stored in docking bays in The Bunker and when needed can be teleported onto the wearer of the armor’s paired portsuit. Once deployed the armor’s protective plates are capable of repelling all but the most power automatic weapons fire and also provider the wearer with enhanced speed, maneuverability, and strength. The armor has fully functional life support and is capable of working in deep water and vacuum. The heads up display of the helmet has both thermal vision and night vision equipment as well as built in radio communications and motion sensors. However, the heads up display currently only supports one vision filter at a time. The suit is also capable of deploying plasma jets that allow the wearer to run at superhuman speed and leap distances in excess of a kilometer.

The Vellian people are born with birth marks that the superstitious portion of the population believe is destiny written on the skin. Usually it means something innocuous, like you’re destined to be a farmer or a lonely artist. Over the years having a mystic read the marks at a birthing ceremony become the norm. It is just something people did, a curiosity that most put very little stock in.

When Tra’amut Ehlis emerged from her birthing chamber, faith in the tradition was almost dead. Perhaps that is the reason the mystic at her birthing ceremony declared that she had the mark of the Vot’Ka Hah. A sad attempt to gain more followers. Either way, Tra’amut was famous – or infamous depending on who you asked – from the day she was born.

The literal translation of the Vot’Ka Hah is the End of the Circle. It has two interpretations. The first is the Savior of the People. The One who will bring the People out of Perdition. The second interpretation it the Last of the People. The Doom Bringer. There had only ever been one Vot’Ka Hah before Tra’amut was born. Ed’War Morlan, the father of genetic engineering. Almost everyone could agree he was the Savior. He made it possible for the Vellian people to lead long, healthy lives despite their hostile, irradiated environment.

If he was the Savior, then many of the superstitious believed that she must be the Last. She wasn’t able to do much to dissuade the opinion. She was a slow bloomer. It took her almost two months before she learned to talk. She was considered average by her racial standards. Her parents were mortified and spent as little time as possible with her. She spent much of her life alone, or training for assigned career as an interrogator.

When she was almost 6 years old, close to being fully developed, the Galactic Imperium arrived. The Vellian had interacted with several other species over the years as negotiators. The Galactic Imperium was interested in bringing them into the fold. It seemed as if the first meeting had gone well. It was heralded as a day of peace. Tra’amut was lucky, or unlucky, enough to meet one of them during the visit. Two weeks the bombs were dropping as Vellian homeworld was invaded.

Fear blossomed across Vellia. Out of that fear the superstitious portion of society grew in numbers and strength. It became much easier for people to believe in the marks and what they meant. Many people began to blame Tra’amut for the bombs, because she was the Vot’ka Hah. The Last of the People. Out of fear they pulled her from her home and were prepared to kill her for marks.

One of the mystics who believed the two interpretations are one and the same, the Last and the Savior, rescued her and sent her off world to protect her. The fear and hatred she could feel as she left her homeworld made the protection feel like banishment. She believes that she can never go home.

She came to Terra, and was pleasantly surprised. Earth is a strangely beautiful world, with blue skies and sparkling oceans, magnificent mountains filled with life. The people are unattractive by her people’s standards, but they are all nice. For the first time in her life she feels loved. And that love terrifies her. If she really is the Doom Bringer, does that mean she can bring it here? Imagining this world being destroyed, much like her homeworld was being destroyed, haunts her dreams as she tries to convince herself that the mark is just pigmentation.


Vellian, Tra'amut Ehlis, aka Trey

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