Silver Age Beyond

Parental Guidance

Character Points = 84

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

College and Career Day-
All the juniors and seniors got together today to talk about where their future is going to take them. Among some of the more notable booths were the CTA Space Camp, a government project in conjunction with NASA, and Paragon, the superhero team running out of Canada, and SPECTRUM, our local heroes.

Open House-
All of the parents of all of the kids all at the same time, crazy. Nothing incredibly interesting happens at events like this, but the adults do a lot of talking about a whole bunch of things that we kids only tangentially care about.

Crash of the Churchites-
The Catholics have landed in the Pea Patch. They brought an explosive plasma reactor and all the fun guns. We are going to be talking about this for awhile to come. The day was saved by a group of (parahumans?) in (space suits?), so (thank you?).
Editor’s Note: (Stop it.)

The nomination goes to Ian tonight. MEATLOAF rules! We shall do the dance of recognition.



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