Silver Age Beyond

Monday Monday

Character Points = 84

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Dogma -
“That which one thinks is true.” What do you really know about the worlds beyond our own? To what lengths have we gone to ask our fellow students from beyond our limited atmosphere about the worlds they are used to? You could literally talk about the weather with them and get a conversation so interesting that you may walk away from the conversation completely satisfied. To think that each of them is used to our world or are comfortable in it is ignorant to the differences between us. Please be more aware of the people around you, and that they are not you, and you are not the center of this vast universe.

Dust to Dust -
Our regular Latin teacher is currently out sick and in his place is a modern day vampire. Through his age and distinction he is slowly, but surely draining our souls by force of dry suction. Maybe he will bring some really old tomes that we will undoubtedly “accidentally” summon demons with.
Editor’s Note: The Latin substitute is not really a vampire. Vampires are hopefully fictional.

Blood Drive -
Speaking of vampires: There is a blood drive coming to school. Whether you are human or alien, if you think that there might be a need, you should try to fill it. Donate, donate, donate.

PSA: The Janitor’s closet is for storing things to clean up messes, not a place to make biological ones.

Auditions -
Several people came out to audition, but some of the most notable were a few of our alien classmates. Partially because of the nature of the cultural barrier being crossed so easily by them and partially because of the interesting choices made.
Dillan Steele – Mediocre acting skill with Robin Williams. Acceptable singer with Century by Fallout Boy.
Sean Lex – Great performance of Shatnered ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Aire’ by Will Smith. Acceptable siner with Wild Wild West by Will Smith.
D’Tossu – We aren’t sure what he did, but it was incredibly fascinating. He left before anyone could give him any criticisms on his energetic nature.
Gaunte – Amazing Shakespearean performance. Decent rendition of ‘Master of the House’ from Les Miserables.
Supa – Decent acting chops with Jack from The Beanstalk. ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ is a great voice building song, not so great for an audition.

The Award for the most studenty student goes to… Andrew. Woo for awesomeness!



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