Welcome to Silver Age Beyond.


The galaxy awaits.

This is a galactic tale told in several parts. The first has already been told. After a full decade of world building, the world of Silver Age Seattle is more than well established. Tales of superheroics and daring-do over generations of Parahumans, fighting for justice in a world on the brink of incursion from multiple dimensions, and from alien attack are well documented in the media of the otherwise modern world. Humanity, side-by-side with Parahumanity has prevailed, making a name for itself among the dimensions, and even, in some small way, among the stars.

Part two begins with the young offspring of several near-to-earth alien races, trying to escape a galactic war, and find their homeworlds, parents and families against incredible odds in a galaxy torn by war. These teenaged aliens from outer space must navigate the treacheries and dangers of high-school life, deal with the trials of their alien upbringing in a new world, and somehow find a way to get back to the stars, their birthright.

The third chapter will be about the Parahumans of Earth finally taking their place among the stars.

Welcome to a new age.

Welcome, to Silver Age Beyond…

Suggested Listening: Superhuman – The Stars My Destination

Meditations, Book XI, Chapter IIV

What were they truly? The histories will name them children of lesser gods perhaps. Were they truly innocents? Were they martyrs? Ultimately, the histories may never have it right. Perhaps they were prophets, burdened with terrible purpose. Even as I write, worlds burn among the stars for their transgressions.

What is known, is that In their first years away from their homes, they studied, and they learned. They became touched by something far greater than they could ever know. Each, touched by war, they fled, some by choice, others by happenstance. What became of them would ultimately come to change the known universe.

Those first stories shall begin now.

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Silver Age Beyond

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