The Noble Houses

Lifari culture recognizes ten major houses of noble birth. They are broken into five brother and sister houses that share ancestral ties to the original members of the Lifari council. Other minor houses exist, but are of small population and devote the greatest of their number to the governing of Zoa as a planet rather than as a galactic entity.

Brayma – Brother to Altma. House Brayma is the house of leadership and sovereign rule. Their standard is a tree similar to an oak with great branches and deep roots representing the strength and far reaching influence of the Lifari race. Though many of House Brayma choose to join the Miana’va, almost as many are content to stay on Zoa and govern her people.

Altma – Sister to Brayma. House Altma is the house of ancestral knowledge and compassion. Their standard is the altera flower, a large three petaled flower that collects water and sweetens it for the creatures that partake. The flower represents communion and collective well being. Those of House Altma often train into the Pyra’va, but the house has seen a decline in the past few hundred cycles and too many of its numbers have been choosing the Ombri’va. The choice would not be so important if this house were not as empathically gifted as they seem to be.

Drovace – Brother to Vylace. House Drovace is the house of dominance and decisive action. Their standard is the blackvine, a wiry traveling vine that grows very quickly with large barbs and small blood red flowers, in a triangle faced bottom hoist. Almost all of house Drovace’s members are of the Thorn, but those that escape the strict doctrines of the house find their way into more diplomatic branches. The seat of Grand Protean is often filled by a member of this house, and until Dahlia, they had had control of it for at least three millennia.

Vylace – Sister to Drovace. House Vylace is the house of strength and necessity. Their standard is a flower with many thin petals in a circle bound to an inner circle. The members of House Vylace are highly skilled and diverse in thought. It is presumed that this is so because it is the burden of House Vylace to do what is necessary to preserve life at any cost, even if that cost is the loss of something deemed lesser for the greater good. Little to no members of this house can be found among the Pyri or the Ombri, but those that are are likely there for a greater purpose.

Imaryn – Brother to Kieryn. House Imaryn is the house of artistic expression and grace. Their standard is a single petal upon five concentric circles on a horizontal plane. Those of House Imaryn are not likely to partake in Council politics, but when they do, it is often as members of the Ombri’va or the Protera’mehan. The greatest strength of this house is in their dedication to the enlightenment of others.

Kieryn – Sister to Imaryn. House Kieryn is the house of philosophy and language. Their standard is a circular maze of many rings, the outside border is jagged like the bark of a tree. Generally found as members of the Ombri’va or Ditania’va, House Kieryn’s members excel at mental exercises, puzzles, and learning. As House Imaryn is dedicated to the enlightenment of others, Kieryn is dedicated to the enlightenment of self.

Krezma – Brother to Phazma. House Krezma is the house of insight and education. Their standard is a budding moira, a flower known for its healing properties that looks similar to a lotus, with the three moons of Zoa surrounding it. The members of House Krezma that do not join the Pyra’va often take positions within the institutions of learning on Zoa and off world. Though House Altma is gifted with empathy, those of this house take that gift to new heights and try to unlock it in others.

Phazma – Sister to Krezma. House Phazma is the house of spiritual leadership and religion. Their standard is the sun, Laria, connected to the three moons in a triangle surrounded with a circling of leaves. No members of house Phazma ever take positions in the council or align with them directly. Instead this house concerns itself primarily with the spiritual well being of the Lifari race and performs the majority of religious rites and funerary rites.

Rosel – Brother to Domel. House Romel is the house of commerce and cooperation. Their standard is a blanket of stars that may be different depending on where the Domel has chosen as their home. The chevron that stays the same in every case is the three moons huddled together canton within a circle. Primarily found among the ranks of the Ditania’va or Miana’va, Rosel members pride themselves in their ability to adapt to new cultures. It is customary among this house to take up residence and mate, if possible, with a host race.

Domel – Sister to Rosel. House Domel is the house of intrigue and clarity. Their standard is a black flag with silver fimbriation. Domel is a house that is greatly misunderstood by outsiders to be manipulative and untrustworthy. While this may be true when they are dealing with other species, House Domel is extremely loyal to the Council and act as spies and diplomats when things look dire. Though they spread across all factions of the council, the majority take position among the Ditania’va or Protera’mehan.

The Noble Houses

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