Technology Level 7
*Lifari technology is highly organic. Combining crystal technology along with genetic engineering of flora, Lifari technology is difficult to duplicate and bordering on the arcane to most races. Space faring vessels are bio-mechanical constructs that repair damage and upkeep life support using organic methods. Mammalian species, pets or Furbolgs, are often taken on long journeys to keep atmospheric balance simple.

A pale blue colored, sentient, plant based lifeform, humanoid in shape. Spacefaring. Nobles and bureaucrats. Mostly peaceful. Interested in interstellar commerce. Most Lifari are naturally skilled combatants, but do not consider themselves warriors. Home planet, Zoa.

-The fiber density of the Lifari anatomy allows them to exist in pressure extremes of all sorts. Many generations ago when Zoa was beginning it’s expansion into space, the Lifari found themselves uniquely adapted to the environment at the outset. Due to their discomfort in cold environments, the Lifari use the extract from a special flower to warm them during long interstellar travel.

-Lifari do not bloom like most plant life except during very ritualistic and spiritual group experiences. Instead of bright flowers and exotic beauty, the Lifari produce a scent that is universally appealing. Genetically, there are several races that are compatible with the Lifari, but the process is a long one often requiring a surrogate.

-Zoa is a warm, temperate planet with long days and long nights. Trade, business, politics, and all the tedious things are taken care of under the light of three moons (Aura, Tio, and Raun). As the full light of Laria comes, the Lifari rest, usually grouped in large pavilions that are open to the sky. In all of Lifari history, as it is written, there has never been any dispute that has lasted longer than a single night.

-Pure blooded Lifari nobles are born as seedlings during a special union ceremony. The time from conception to birth is only three days, but during that time, both partners are in complete union. The seedling is then released in order to explore the environment and learn what life is like from a very unique perspective. In this state they are nearly invulnerable, but not completely, and an attack on a Seedling is punishable by death. When a seedling has explored to it’s content, it settles back in the place of it’s conception and grows to larna (childhood) in about twenty lunar cycles.
-Lifari born of the trade class are seeded during a group ceremony that happens on the first night of every lunar cycle. The seeds are planted and left to grow. Lineage is almost impossible to determine, and it is taboo to talk about it, but every Lifari child is raised by the community. It takes approximately forty years for seeds emerge as larna. During that forty years, developing larna watch and learn trade policy and politics, so that when they emerge they can begin apprenticeship in a field of their choosing.
-Lifari born of mixed parentage require a surrogate Lifari willing to take on a prolonged seeding. Genetic transfer happens from one parent race to the Lifari, and then a seeding ceremony like the one for nobles takes place between the Lifari and the surrogate. However the gestation is singular, takes three lunar cycles, and is stressful and draining for the surrogate. The child is born in the infant state of the other parent race at the time of separation, and there have been many unfortunate results.

-All full blooded Lifari age slowly, including most mixed Lifari, and exit larna into vaun at about sixty years from Emergence. From Vaun to recognized citizen takes about another thousand lunar cycles. Old age takes nearly two thousand years.

-There is no known disease that the Lifari are susceptible to, but pesticides and herbicides have some stifled effect. The immune system of the Lifari also increases their resistance to pain, and this pain tolerance may account for the race’s detached demeanor.

-On the communal and relatively peaceful culture on Zoa: On most planets, war and extended conflict is had over finite resources that are required for life. Lifari thrive in sunlight, but only need it to heal efficiently, and there is no other resource that they require. All the nutrients and sustenance needed for a full life are gathered and stored as a seedling, carbon-dioxide is produced by the fauna of the planet, and breeding except by nobles is communal. History accounts for no rebellion of the trade class, and it is not uncommon for trade class Lifari to ascend to nobility through marriage or deed. It is widely accepted that there is a noble class structure in order to better interface with other beings, for the largest difference between the two classes is distinct heritage lines.

-Lifari are capable of calling upon large reserves of strength when they are in need, but it is a strain on their system, so they cannot use it all the time. Some take days in order to recover from the strain, and others only minutes.

-There are two extremes that the Lifari are not well adapted to. One is due to the nature of their home planet Zoa, lush, green, and never in winter. Cold powerful enough to damage most life will do extreme damage to the Lifari anatomy. The other is due to their physiology. Over exposure to UV light, generally a product of localized solar flaring or produced unnaturally, paralyzes them in an ecstatic state that few Lifari are capable of overcoming.

The Trade Initiative

The Thorn

The Noble Houses

Economy – The Galactic Emerald

Religion – The Cults of Zoa

The Elder Grove

Lefari Traits – 10pts
Adaptation – Pressure, Underwater, Vacuum
Features – Produces an alluring scent
Regeneration I – Special Requirement (broad spectrum light), Detectable: Sight (that afterglow look, blood is white)
Special Defense – Ageing (slow), Disease (immune), Hunger (-), Pain (tolerant), Poison (reduced)
Superstrength – Limited Use: 10 minute rest for every 1 minute use
Unique Attribute – Breathes CO2, Expels O2
((-3))Marked – Skin, hair, and eyes are inhuman
((-3))Achilles Heel – Cold Attacks
((-2))Vulnerability – Extreme UV Exposure


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