On his home planet of lacusia, Harporth was a well respected leader among his tribe, known for his hope for piece and his skill in war, his ideal was uniting the two tribes in order to overcome their opressors. However, while Harporths ideas were relatively well received with his immediate family, the rest of the tribe in general weren’t intrested.

After his flight to earth with his son, he obtained a job as a landscaper, using his knowledge of agriculture and his beyond human abilities. He lives with his wife and son, and while he’s picked up the spoken English language well enough, the seabringer tribe uses a language that is based on feeling textures in ice, as it’s much easier for a seabringer to reproduce then any other form of writing.

Harporth still cares about unity and peace, though he also knows about the necessity of death, he enjoys working toward verbal, peaceful means of resolving conflict however, and this is his first tactic when dealing with adversity.

Harporth is incredibly interested in human society, and somewhat confused as well, on his home planet, families would never lie to eachother, and most seabringers would avoid lying if at all possible, it keeps things simple, however, this causes many problems for harporth on earth, because honesty isn’t incredibly common among earthlings, he’s seen as a bit naive.


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