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  • Wet Jacket

    These nanotech devices are no longer manufactured, but are still fairly common (many were made during the [[Second Republic]] and they are almost indestructible. Wet jackets were originally designed to peacefully restrain aliens resisting removal to …

  • Slaver Restraints

    Any non-[[The Mōnstrum | Mōnstrum]] guildmember caught possessing these chains is likely to end up on the auction block. [[The Mōnstrum | Mōnstrum]] Slaver Chains are usually not sold, but a few have found their way to the black market.

  • Gen-Lock

    Gen-Locks have been around since the height of the [[Second Republic]]. Very few people can afford to have these extremely expensive locks throughout an entire household. Most are simply placed in certain key locations and are used to guard valuables.

  • Scrambler Pad

    The [[Mahyah Nostra | Mahyah Nostra]] are responsible for the first scrambler pads, but their popularity has led to several models being designed and sold by various manufacturers.

  • Wellesley Lock

    The Wellesley steel used in manufacturing these locks makes them tough enough to discourage most efforts with anything short of a welding torch. Wellesley Forges is best known these days for the metals its smiths forge and sell, from weapons manufacture …

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