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  • Lacusian

    Lacusian- Home Planet - Lacusia -Lacusians are humanoid, hairless lifeforms, living in a tribal society, with each tribe providing an essential function for rudimentary agriculture. -Lacusians are seperated into two major tribes: the Seabringers, …

  • Lacusian social structure

    The core of Lacusian social structure is the Word-Phrase "Ur-Chi-Ja" each word in the phrase represents one of the actions one takes. The action "Ur" is positive action: Creation, Building, Peacemaking, etc. The action "Chi" is nuetral: Life, Eating, …

  • Noah Nash a.k.a. Nimbus

    Theme song:

    Character portrait: [[File:642439 | class=media-item-align-left | 300x388px | NimbusSM.jpg]] Rare mutations of the Lacusian …

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