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  • Incarnates

    A heretical schism of the [[The Sectus | Universal Sectus of the All-Maker]]. The origins of the Incarnate religion originate in a liberal sect of the Universal Sectus in the Second Republic era called Eurygnostics, who preached the Universal …

  • Preceptors

    During the [[Second Republic]], the [[The Sectus | Universal Sectus]] had a liberal sect of clergy who were pro-technology and promoters of leaning and literacy among the masses: the Preceptors. After the fall of the Republic in 4000 GD, the Sectus …

  • Zuranists

    A pre reflective (before the Fall of the [[Second Republic]]) religion based on ancient religions and animism, Zuranists believe that individual ancient gods should be held above the [[The Sectus | Universal Sectus]] and the All-Maker. The Sectus believes …

  • Manja

    A heresy (according to the [[The Sectus | Universal Sectus of the All-Maker]]) devoted to ancestor worship, most commonly practiced by dissident [[House Amatsukami | Amatsukami]] on [[Erisia]].

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