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  • Bunker Bracer

    This bracer can emit a powerful forcefield to protect its wearer and also opens a gateway to a shard dimension called [[The Bunker|The Bunker]]. The was the first invention of [[:arthur-fex-maker-50 | Arthur Fex]], although it is arguable if it is …

  • The Bunker

    [[File:757553 | class=media-item-align-center | alien_jungle_by_joshk92.jpg]] The extra-dimensional space known as The Bunker is perhaps the last remaining vestige of Iktojian culture. It is only accessible via the "Bunker Bracer":https://silver-age- …

  • Lunari Mote

    h2. The Lunari Mote

    [[File:799564 | class=media-item-align-none | LunariMote.jpg]] The Lunari Mote is an extra-dimensional portal containing a small region of inter-dimensional space known as Tir Na Nog. The Lunari were trapped there for some …

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