Silver Age Beyond

Monday Monday
Character Points = 84

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Dogma -
“That which one thinks is true.” What do you really know about the worlds beyond our own? To what lengths have we gone to ask our fellow students from beyond our limited atmosphere about the worlds they are used to? You could literally talk about the weather with them and get a conversation so interesting that you may walk away from the conversation completely satisfied. To think that each of them is used to our world or are comfortable in it is ignorant to the differences between us. Please be more aware of the people around you, and that they are not you, and you are not the center of this vast universe.

Dust to Dust -
Our regular Latin teacher is currently out sick and in his place is a modern day vampire. Through his age and distinction he is slowly, but surely draining our souls by force of dry suction. Maybe he will bring some really old tomes that we will undoubtedly “accidentally” summon demons with.
Editor’s Note: The Latin substitute is not really a vampire. Vampires are hopefully fictional.

Blood Drive -
Speaking of vampires: There is a blood drive coming to school. Whether you are human or alien, if you think that there might be a need, you should try to fill it. Donate, donate, donate.

PSA: The Janitor’s closet is for storing things to clean up messes, not a place to make biological ones.

Auditions -
Several people came out to audition, but some of the most notable were a few of our alien classmates. Partially because of the nature of the cultural barrier being crossed so easily by them and partially because of the interesting choices made.
Dillan Steele – Mediocre acting skill with Robin Williams. Acceptable singer with Century by Fallout Boy.
Sean Lex – Great performance of Shatnered ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Aire’ by Will Smith. Acceptable siner with Wild Wild West by Will Smith.
D’Tossu – We aren’t sure what he did, but it was incredibly fascinating. He left before anyone could give him any criticisms on his energetic nature.
Gaunte – Amazing Shakespearean performance. Decent rendition of ‘Master of the House’ from Les Miserables.
Supa – Decent acting chops with Jack from The Beanstalk. ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ is a great voice building song, not so great for an audition.

The Award for the most studenty student goes to… Andrew. Woo for awesomeness!

Production by Garfield High School - TO BE UPDATED

Synopsis of Plot:
The place is New York City, the time is the 1990s.

Middle-aged, upper-middle class Greg finds Sylvia, a dog (played by a human), in the park and takes a liking to her. He brings her back to the empty nest he shares with Kate. When Kate gets home, she reacts very negatively to Sylvia and wants her gone. They eventually decide that Sylvia will stay for a few days before they decide whether she can stay longer, but Greg and Sylvia have already bonded. Over the next few days, Greg spends more and more time with Sylvia and less time at his job. Greg and Sylvia go on long walks; they discuss life and astronomy. Already dissatisfied with his job, Greg now has another reason to avoid work.

Tension increases between Greg and Kate, who still does not like Sylvia. Eventually, Greg becomes completely obsessed with Sylvia, and Kate fears their marriage is falling apart. Kate and Sylvia are at odds with each other, each committed to seeing the other defeated. Greg meets a strange character at the dog run, who gives Greg tips on how to manage Sylvia and his predicament involving Kate. Greg has Sylvia spayed. Sylvia is angry and in pain, but she still loves him completely.

Kate’s friend pays a visit and is repulsed by Greg and Sylvia. Greg, Kate and Sylvia sing “Every Time We Say Goodbye”.

Greg and Kate visit a therapist, Leslie, who is ambiguously male and female depending on her patients’ state of mind. After a session with Greg, Leslie tells Kate to get a gun and shoot Sylvia: “I hope you get her right between the eyes.”

Kate is asked to teach abroad, in London, and tells Greg that the English have a six-month quarantine for any dogs coming into the country. Greg is unwilling, but eventually he succumbs and gives the news to Sylvia, that he must give her away, to a family who have a farm in Westchester County. Greg and Sylvia have a heated and tender moment. Kate and Sylvia say goodbye; but, before Greg and Sylvia leave for Westchester, Sylvia returns the annotated and slightly chewed version of “Alls Well That Ends Well” that Kate has been looking for, and Kate has a change of heart.

The last scene is directed toward the audience. Sylvia has died, and Greg and Kate still hold her memory in all fondness.

Dramatis Personae -
Greg: Dillan Steel

Breaking Buildings
Character Points = 84

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Warehouses of the Rich and Dangerous-
Odium, a relatively new shipping company in S.O.D.O., has collapsed and has also been harboring more than just slabs of poultry and beef. Apparently the warehouse has been the hiding place of a few Chentoliak with further need to feed. It is unclear the actual identities of these skin devouring, ravenous, and frankly unfriendly aliens, but from what information we have gathered, two of the three creatures were caught in the crumbling building. The government officials that we have been able to contact are providing no comment.

15 Minutes of Fame-
Arthur Fex is growing in popularity on ViewTube with his Homecoming breakdance routine. Whoever dedicated that song to him, thank you for the show.
Sean Lex has also been growing in popularity, but with a smaller following. The Human Swarm did a lot of damage to his opponents, and I am sure that some MMA groups with a powered bent would love to have him on their team.

Mr Schiffler and Sir Buttons both split the nomination for the night and get .5 a Chrisperience. Way to go… hehehe…

Fight Me or Kiss Me!
Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

First Rule of Fight Club -
Broken. The rumor mill is ablaze with the news of several students (human, parahuman, and alien) leaving the homecoming dance early in order to participate in underground fighting. The fight happens in SODO, and the clientele is far more than simple hormone crazed youth. This establishment has been around for awhile and they take putting stakes on the relations between Earth and the rest of the galaxy to a whole new level. Some footage of the activity were sent to SPD website and might have caused a bit of a stir.

Kiss All the Girls -
There is romance in the air, and it causes all sorts of strange things to happen. Awkward moments, blood pumping to erogenous areas, feelings of giddiness, small bouts of jealous rage, and the spread of nasty diseases. On that pleasant note, everyone please be safe out there and be certain that we don’t make any mistakes we might regret for the next 18 or so years. With the number of aliens among us, it is possible that some exotic reactions might occur, so please exercise extra caution where needed.

The night goes to Andrew, who won at so much, and lost in great ways. For your efforts, you get a free Uber ride! Just kidding.
Go Oodie McBootie!

Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Pajama Day -
Spirit Award: Noah Nash _ Pop Culture Robe Master
The Onsie Award: Ileana Islam
Most Unkempt: Matthew McColley
The Nudist Award: Lucius Leonardi

Cowboy Day -
Spirit Award: Ben Belt _ Chaps for Chaps
The Wyatt Durp Award: Nolan Noack
Feelin’ Lucky (Otherwise known as the “stupidly tried to bring a gun to school” award.) Award: V’Hevi

What Not to Wear Day -
Spirit Award: Xyt Xyl _ Human avoidance tinfoil hat.
Ironically Dressed Award: Veronica Vanbeek
The Other Nudist Award: Dillan _ Fur and a Banana Hammock

Pirate Day -
Spirit Award: Esu _ First Mate for the Captain of the Megaverse
Cabin “Sexually Ambiguous Term” Award: Xelni
Best Hat Award: Ellyn Eells

Flannel Friday -
King & Queen of Homecoming
Marshall Moon, Krogga, Leif Laiche -Krogga Wins, Dillan Steel is Prince
Andera Abels, Nova Nunes, Zoe Zielke -Nova Nunes and Zoe Zielke Win as co-Queens, Mora as Princess

Homecoming Game: Bulldogs Win!

King of getting nominations is the great Zac!

Homecoming preparation

What to for the homecoming week, because it is important for my grade.

I have decided to goto the local thriftsmart to by hats for my participation. Luckily the store had the items I needed. For Monday I found a very old earth style sleeping cap. On Tuesday I bought a ten gallon hat. And on Wednesday i made a tin foil hat after hearing about it seams to be able to block mind probes. Thursday’s hat is a pirate themed on with a skull and crossbones. And finally on Friday, I found a flannel beanie.

I did not realise how expensive the actual homecoming. Between the 100 dollar suit and the 50 dollar corsage, it is far to expensive for one night. I do like how I look in one though.

Appraise This! ...Conclusion
Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Update on “Appreciate, Don’t Touch”-
One piece of art and at least one of the robbers got away, but due to the actions of some unlikely heroes, the majority of the operation failed. There is no clear reason as to why this day and this exhibit was chosen. However, the value of the items on display and the cultural significance of them are the likeliest options. The students that came back from that trip got to get out early, so jealy.
Editor’s Note: Jealy is not a word, please revise with actual English.

After field trip Round Robin completed…
Everyone has been offered 2 Chrisperience for writing about Mora’s parent’s dinner or about getting ready for homecoming.
The nomination goes to Kyle for having terrible taste in significant others.

Appraise This!
Character Points = 83

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Appreciate, Don’t Touch -
Allegations were made that there were a handful of art thieves hanging around the Seattle Art Museum during Mr Troiles’s class outing. As far as has been reported, or not reported, no pieces were stolen and no one was arrested. This week’s exhibit would make a very tempting target to the unscrupulous, for multiple portraits from the classical greats adorn the halls for a very short engagement.
Further Development -
The culprits came back, and they may or may not get away with someone, but we have yet to have all the information.

Art Science -
Spooky brush at a distance is the theory that what inspires the hand while putting pigment to canvas also inspired the placement of the universe’s many objects. Of course, this theory is completely untested, but there are a strange similarity between the painting’s of humanity’s history and places or things that could not have easily been seen. Perhaps the dreams mortals dream really do take them to places beyond their imaginings.

The nomination goes to Elisa and Ian. Good job everybody!

Episode Two
The plot thickens...

“What? You want to what?” she asked incredulously. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Had he really just asked that?

“You heard me.” he replied nonplussed.

“Uh…okay wait a second here.” she shook her head back and forth as if that would clear the confusion in her head.

“I dont understand why you’re so confused. It is very straight forward.” he added not looking at her. They were sitting in her room and he was staring at the doorway; she was staring at him incredulous and in shock.

“You want to make a…” she paused, not sure how to word it.

“Courtship flight, yes.” he added not taking his gaze from the doorway.

“With me? Okay, now I know you’ve lost your mind. Of all the other mates to choose from. You pick me? What about Kylara or even Myarda, they are far prettier than me.” she added with a snort.

“Not to me. You know that I have always liked you Mora. So I’m asking; you can reject me, I won’t lie I will be hurt but I will survive.” his eyes met hers for the first time in what had seemed like cycles.

“Krell you can’t be serious. You-”

“I am absolutely serious, I have already asked your parents and they both said yes.” He added staring into her eyes. “What are you afraid of?”

“N-nothing….I just…Really? Me?” she stared at the floor.

“Yes you.” He stood and flexed his wings and with out another word he left the room. She quickly followed him pretending to not see the look on her mothers face as she left the room. As they stepped out onto the tundra she noticed his wings were not iridescent like they normally had been so many times before, they were a very deep blue now. He turned to her, his eyes alight with a fire she had not seen before. He stood there wings stretched upwards, facing her, presenting almost.

“What are you doing?” She asked stretching her wings and legs.

“Waiting for you. I have to catch you, then we have to fly together. Thats how this works.” His wings didn’t relax and the fire only burned in his eyes brighter.

“Okay lover boy lets see what you’ve got.” With that she took off into the air as fast as she could. Flying straight up into the sky, she noticed he was not far behind her, he was faster than usual; maybe it was the thrill of the chase. She banked left, then right, then down getting low to the ground then charging upwards again. He followed her every move and turn not losing ground, she hissed inwardly and pushed harder, tried to fly faster. After a while she looked behind her with a smug grin and he was gone, she slowed for a minute….where did he go…?

“Got you.” She managed to dive out of the way right as Krell flew in front of her face. “Trying to run are you? I just have to get you to land then the flight is over.” he was flying slightly above her, had his wings gotten bigger and the fire in his eyes brighter?

“No that is not all you have to do, but you’re too chicken to.” She jeered at him dodging another of his swoops.

“I. Am. Not. Chicken.”

She laughed and quickly flew off towards the Caer Phana but stopped short before she had been flying for long, the Caer was destroyed. There was rubble everywhere the grounds were scored the water stained black. There were scattered bodies of Drakonai; some missing wings, others missing horns or claws or teeth, others with large patches of scales missing. A few fires burned around the grounds


She was falling to the earth, dumb struck by what she had seen she had forgotten what she was doing. She hit the ground hard and could hear Krells excited trumpeting.

“Get off me dammit. Didn’t you see it?” she said pushing her wings against his body trying to get him off her.

“See what? Me winning?” He jeered. She pushed again throwing him off to one side of her. “Geez, okay okay. What is wrong with you?”

She flew off with out a word, back to the Caer. There was the telltale black blood everywhere staining the what little undamaged earth and building was left. She searched the area there was no living Drakonai, no buildings still standing. She landed down on the scorched earth, who could have done this? She let out a few soft calls to see if there were any survivors at all, someone. Silence. Her calls got louder and louder; still no response. Who, Who could have done this? Of all of the castes the water caste was the most peaceful.

“Oh my god. What the hell happened here?” she heard Krell almost whisper behind her.

“I don’t know. Whoever did this is going to pay.” She called out a few more times; no reply.

Reaching out for her Fathers Pattern when she found it she listened for a few moments, he was visiting with the mountain caste by the sound of it.

“Father gather The Councils and The High Drakonai there is something they need to see, we are all in danger.”

Team Season
Character Points = 82

Bulldog Bulletin
-Justin Kase
-Editor: Felicia Fox

Bulldogs Sports Spotlight
Football – 3 & 0
Cross Country – 3 & 0

Team Shift
Beau Biggerstaff, after it was discovered that he was using performance enhancing stimulants, has been put on suspension and counseled toward recovery. We all wish you the best of luck. The desire to escape takes many forms, and each of us approaches in a different manner: Some of us like to hallucinate of strange exotic locations; others of us have religious experiences that make us reach beyond ourselves; and yet others desire a more sensory experience. It is important in all of this to be healthy, choose your escape carefully, and be responsible. Drugs and other enhancers are temporary fixes that cause bigger and more long lasting problems.

Team Building
The cliques are forming and with that there are a lot of study groups pursuing scholastic excellence, or at least finding new ways to dodge scholastic ecxellence. Senior projects, while mostly a thing of the past, are being contemplated by various student bodies. The class of 2017 is working toward escaping the confines of the limited world that is high school and uncovering the tools required to do it. Maybe we will start to see some cool new things around town as the creative minds of youth attempt to affect the world around them.

((In the round robin, we left off at Ben going to Sanctuary to talk to the band.))

The nomination for tonight goes to Casey for being a better awesome person.


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