Melee - Zankesh Sword

A deadly alien sword

weapon (melee)

Zankesh (Ka’Hadan) Sword: A deadly crescent blade resembling a Chinese deerhook sword. These blades of superior craftsmanship are made by the Ka’Hadan, originally invented to make up for their lack of claws (feral Ka’Hadan spurn these swords). While they are one-handed swords, Ka’Hadan warriors usually use one in each of their four-fighting hands. The crescent shape allows them to create a circle of death around their bodies as they slash the swords about with all arms. These swords are forged from high-quality alloys found in abundance on their home planet. They are almost sacred to some Ka’Hadan warriors, who painstakingly engrave them with sigils of victory and hang “trophies” from the handles (enemy’s teeth, hair, etc.). They don’t like it when someone touches their Zankesh without permission.


Melee - Zankesh Sword

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