Whisper Pin

Miniaturized Radio for Clandestine Communications


Whisper Pin

TL5 This miniature radio can be hidden in just about any inconspicuous object, from a lapel button to an earring.It usually comes in two pieces: a transmitter worn somewhere near the owner’s throat (lapel or ear) and a receiver hidden in the owner’s ear. The transmitter is programmed to hear only the owner’s voice and can pick up and transmit even a slight whisper from them, and sends a signal on a special tight band with a range of 15 kilometers.

The receiver must be worn in the ear since it releases only faint vibrations, which the owner must be trained to interpret.

House Bogovi controls the technology for these useful spy radios and is very picky about whom they sell them to, but each house, sect or guild has it’s own vibration code by which they send messages to their spies.

Using a Whisper Pin does not take an action, as it simply responds to the user’s voice.

The Whisper Pin is powered by a tiny fusion cell that must be recharged after five hours of continuous use.

Cost: 100 falcons. Weight: Negligible.


Whisper Pin

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