Vehicle - Wagon of Hephaistos

The default hopper cargo transport of the Imperial Guilds


Wagon of Hephaistos

Speed Armor Fuel Range Cargo Passengers
500 km/hr 10 (100) Fusion 5000 km 20 Tons 1/12

Weapons: None
Tech Level: 5
Falcon Cost: 15,000


WagonOfHHephastios.jpgThe price given above is for a used Wagon of Hephasitos, because new ones, while occasionally made, are rarely for sale. Most of the wagons date back to the Second Republic, when they were known by a variety of names. The guilds found it useful to rename the entire class after Hephaistos, the saint of travelers, and these hoppers have proven themselves almost miraculously reliable. While the Wagons of Hephaistos may have built up centuries of grime, they have continued to run no matter what. The most vulnerable machinery tends to be their life support, especially worrisome for merchants who use these to ferry goods down from orbit.

The Shoqëri Guilds’ answer to the flitters, hoppers are far more utilitarian than are flitters. Most consist of little more than engine, wings, fuel tanks and as much open cargo room as possible. They reach altitudes of almost 20 km, and pilots have been known to transfer cargo from space landers to hoppers high above the prying eyes of customs officials. Very few nobles would agree to ride in one of these dirty, oil-streaked monstrosities, but members of the guilds swear by them – maybe because the nobles won’t get in them.

Vehicle - Wagon of Hephaistos

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