Melee - Vibrating Blade

A vibrating blade that cuts through forcefields.

weapon (melee)

Vibrating Blade (TL5): A sword or dagger is modified with an electrical apparatus so that, when a switch is flicked, the blade vibrates minutely but very quickly. A vibrating blade does no extra damage but it will cut through forcefields easier: A vibrating blade has 60 points of Forcefield penetration.

Roll damage percentage normally, but on a roll of 2, these weapons completely ignore the effects of all forcefields. Effectively Add PENETRATING (FORCE FIELD) 10 (-200 force field) on a natural damage percentage roll of 2.

  • A humming sound always accompanies an active vibrating blade.
  • Activation requires a fusion cell, which can last for 25 turns.
  • Switching the blade on and off does not require an action.

Melee - Vibrating Blade

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