Starship - The Tan-Dun Surprise

Guild Explorer-class Lander


The Tan-Dun Surprise
Modified Guild Explorer

Owner: Lord Alexander Danaher
Grade: Lander (STOL)
Tech Level: 6
Minimum Crew: 2 (Pilot and Engineer)
Full Crew: 5 (Modified from 2) (Captain, Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, and Gunner)
Passengers: 4 (modified from 5)
Cargo: 30 metric tons (modified from 1)
Supplies: 2 months for full crew and passenger load

Speed: 500 kph in atmosphere, Hyperflight 2
Maneuvering: +1
Range: 4 Jumps (modified from 2)

Length: 35 meters
Width: 15 meters
Weight: 13 tons

Sensors: Laser Radar 5, EMS 5
Shields: Standard

  • 1 Light Laser (dorsal turret)
  • 1 Heavy Blaster (mounted forward)
  • 1 Grapple Gun (mounted forward)
  • 1 Rocket Launcher (mounted forward)
    - 20 rockets
Ship Class Awkward Size Vitality Passengers Crew Jumps Range in AU Supplies Cargo Manuver
Explorer 2 50% 4 5 4 400 100 kgs per wk 1 ton +1

This “explorer” is more like a raider in the way it is fitted. It has been modified with longer range engines, enhanced targeting systems, upgrades in sensors, and a reinforced hull.

While the ship is intended to be ran with a crew of 5, you can take it from place to place with a smaller crew. All together there is a total of 9 bunks on board.

Starship - The Tan-Dun Surprise

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