Starlight LRCD

Long Range Communication Device


Starlight LRCD

TL5 The Starlight Long Range Communication Device is a heavy but portable military field radio designed for protected planet-to-starship communication in adverse conditions. The briefcase-sized radio is encased in a heavy-duty carrying unit (usually plasteei, mercurium or ceramsteel) and is powered by a standard, rechargeable fusion cell.

Starlight LRCDs are expensive to manufacture, and are licensed exclusively by the imperial Navy to various houses.

Using a starlight LRCD takes a full action.

The high cost of the LRCDreflects the fact that the technology is not only rare but amazingly useful. LRCDs send messages in a series of tachyon pulses, allowing for extremely short response times.

Cost: 300 falcons. Weight: 10 kgs.


Starlight LRCD

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