The standard 'long range' radio of the Galactic Imperium



TL4 This radio, or Squawker as it is sometimes called, is the finest ‘long range’ radio manufactured in the Galactic Imperium. It is used by M┼Źnstrum Guilders to coordinate their mercenary and slaver activities, so it’s got to be reliable. Lightweight and durable, the Squawker is capable of receiving and transmitting on over 200 channels (although in Cryselios’ time there’s not an awful lot of chatter on most of these bands), and has an effective range of 100 km.

The two most common models either strap onto a belt or fix to a helmet.

A more expensive model (TL5 +30 falcons) can be worn around the wrist.

Using a Squawker in combat takes an action.

The squawker is powered by a medium fusion cell that must be recharged after 24 hours of continuous use.

Cost: 50 falcons Weight 3kgs



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