Ammo - Slap Slugs

A ranged ammunition that does subdual damage


Slappers or Slap Slugs (TL5): Meant for use against rioting crowds, slappers knock people down but don’t damage them as much as most slugs. The slug is made of a viscous plastic which balloons out as it flies through the air, impacting the target on a wider area but with little penetration. The target feels like he’s just been walloped by a good Ka’Hadan left-hook.

These are bullets are designed to be “less lethal.” A weapon using rubber bullets automatically suffers from the Low Penetration Disability (page 73) and delivers 5 fewer points of damage.

Do not roll on the critical damage percentage table for even if you crit with slapper slugs.
A target’s worn armor can only be damaged (so that in needs repair) on a damage percentage roll of 2 or 3.

These rounds are available for auto-loading pistols, machine guns, revolvers and rifles, and for shotguns firing slug ammunition.

Costs: Standard ammunition costs depend upon the availability of the ammo and caliber (size). The cost of clips or magazines to hold the ammo is usually 1/10th the cost of the gun.


Ammo - Slap Slugs

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