Melee - Sear Whip

A tracking whip with a special sting

weapon (melee)

Sear Whip (TL7): This can be any normal whip, but a special tracking wire has been threaded throughout the length of the whip. The tip of the lash holds a nanite computer which can home in on a chosen target; the tip must first be aimed at the target then “locked down” on that target with a flick of a switch in the handle (this takes an action to aim and lock).

As long as the target does not disappear from the computer’s sight for more than three turns, the whip gains a +3 ACV bonus to hit its chosen target.

These whips are popular among the galaxy’s slavers, who use them to keep “special” cargo in line.

Damage is based on the level of special attack dependent on the device.


Melee - Sear Whip

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