Vehicle - Scaver Open-Back

Off-road scavenger vehicle


Scaver Open-Back

Speed Armor Fuel Range Cargo Passengers
90 km/hr 5 (50) Gas 600 km 500 kgs 1/9

Weapons: None
Tech Level: 4
Falcon Cost: 3000


The Scavers developed this vehicle ostensibly for artifact hunts in areas where roads are bad, but have found it very useful in smuggling goods along back roads. It features a sturdy cab which can seat up to three people, an open cargo area in back, oversized tires for off-road driving and large, side-mounted gas tanks. These are the most dangerous part of the vehicle, for they risk blowing up if punctured. Critics say this is actually a positive feature, for it gives the Mahya Nostra an easy way to destroy the evidence.

Land Craft
Road vehicles appear most frequently on planets with, you guessed it, good road systems – a distinct minority of the Galactic Imperium. They may be powered by the wind, steam, fossil fuels, electricity, fusion cells or solar power, and use either wheels or tracks or skis for movement. The guilds use more of these vehicles than anyone else, relying on them to move goods and people from place to place. Nobles prefer Skimmers, which cost more and carry less.

Vehicle - Scaver Open-Back

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