Melee - Penance Sword

A flaming blade to strike fear into sinners

weapon (melee)

Penance Sword (TL5): Used primarily by zelots, a blade of Penance is designed as much to intimidate its foes as it is to kill. With the push of a button, flame covers the entire blade. This flame is hot enough to cause second degree burns to anyone who comes into contact with it. It provides 60 additional dice of “Flame” damage that can leak through like Burning Special Attack damage. The flame is also good for impressing the superstitious.

Note these flames are not good for the metal of the blade. These swords tend to be weaker than others and if they are used to parry an attack, the wielder has to roll 13 or less on a DCV check to ensure the flame mechanism has not broken. Critical Failures are as likely to break the sword as they are to burn the user.

The sword otherwise acts as a normal broadsword with any additional damage based on the Special Attack linked to them, Muscle Powered or otherwise, however while active it will take on the Burning trait of a Special Attack.

A Standard energy cell (not a Fusion cell) can keep the flame burning for one 20 Combat Turns before it must be replaced.


Melee - Penance Sword

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