Melee - Omega Blade

A psychically bonded energy sword

weapon (melee)

Omega Blade (TL8): A Fusion Blade which is psychically attuned to the wielder. The wielder must have some Telepathy (at least one level).

This attunement process is a sustained action whereby the user must roll under their Mind + Power Usage (telepathy) by 20 over multiple successive rolls.

Once these points have been achieved, the Omega Blade is considered “bonded” to the character — they can use Telepathic and Telekinetic powers on it easier. It is not alive and has no mind to be read, but Telekinetic powers costs one less Energy to use at range with the sword, and range is extended as if it were one level higher on the PMV chart (max 10). Though this blade does not confer a special attack upon the wielder, with an appropriate Special Attack, linked to a bonded weapon, the weapon can be used Telekinetically, at range.

Bonded Omega Blades can become channels for psychic energy: The attuned wielder can spend Energy points to decrease his ACV difficulty for rolls or his damage percentage (one Energy point per -1 ACV or -1 damage percentage). The maximum amount of Energy which may be spent to channel energy is equal to the character’s Telepathy rating.

These are among the rarest of Posthuman artifacts. Only a few were developed by a coven of god-psychics before they disappeared, and none are known to have been made since then.

This weapon requires a Fusion cell and uses charges identically to any other Fusion Blade.

Damage is based on the Special Attack linked to the artifact.


Melee - Omega Blade

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