Ammo - Needle Rounds

Armor piercing ammo


Needler (TL5): An armor-piercing bullet.

This is a bullet specifically designed to punch through Armour, using a steel or tungsten core rather than jacketed lead. Some brands of Armour-piercing ammunition are Teflon-coated, but contrary to myth, the coating on AP bullets has nothing to do with the Armour-piercing qualities — it simply helps protect the rifling inside the gun from the tougher material from which the bullet is made. Weapons using AP bullets are assigned the Penetrating (Armour) Ability (page 71). AP bullets are somewhat less lethal against flesh, and thus the actual damage is always halved (round up) after the effects of Armour are considered. These bullets are available for auto-loading pistols, machine guns, shotguns, revolvers, and rifles. AP pistol or revolver ammunition (“cop killer bullets”) is usually illegal in most systems.

When rolling damage, a roll of 2 on a damage percentage roll ignore armor (not energy shields/forcefields).

Costs: Standard ammunition costs depend upon the availability of the ammo and caliber (size). The cost of clips or magazines to hold the ammo is usually 1/10th the cost of the gun.


Ammo - Needle Rounds

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