Nanotech Medpac

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Nanotech Medpac

TL7 These high-tech medpacs are rare and are normally available only to the highly influential. Some of the finest nano (miniaturized) robot technology available to the Galactic Imperium is used in the production of these medical miracle kits. If there is a medical crisis, this kit has the nanite for the job. From major burns to blood transfusions, from shattered bones to nerve-cell reparation, this is the finest medical assistance that money can buy. Even optical nerves can be rebuilt with a nanotech medpac. For instance, nanite bone weaver (miniature robots programmed to regenerate fractured or broken bones by attaching themselves to the bones and aiding the body to regular healing) are extremely delicate and complex to manufacture, but when used properly can reknit a broken bone in a matter of hours.

However, this device does not come with an instruction book and can safely be administered only by a qualified surgeon (Mind Medicine check required) The label on the airtight briefcase clearly explains that NanoTech (the original Second Republic manufacturer) will not accept responsibility for deformity or injury caused by the improper use of the medpac.

In addition to the normal medpac healing checks bonuses, successful long-term healing made with a nanotech medpac quadruples the normal healing rate of the patient. Once the wounds are healed, the nanites will eventually exit the body through the patient’s waste. Galactic Imperium surgeons often keep nanite patients under watch until all the nanites have been recovered, although reclaiming the robots in working condition once they’ve made their journey is rare.

NanoTech Corporation was once the very pinnacle of medical emergency technology manufacturers. The company is long gone now, as is the easy availability of their equipment. House al-Yazata continues to fund the manufacture of these kits today, but very few outside of a noble house can afford one. Many of the richest and most expensive surgeons have access to these kits, bur the cost to their patients is exorbitant. Replacements for the items in the kit are expensive.

Cost: 1000 falcons. Weight:3 Kgs. 30 uses per kit.


Note: This device does not have the “Healing” power, it simply reduces normal recovery time x4 and adds bonuses to Mind Medicine checks.

Nanotech Medpac

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