Melee - Monoblade

An almost impossibly thin blade that's dangerous for all concerned

weapon (melee)

Monoblade (TL8): A monomolecular blade, an artifact of prior technological titans’ weapon technology. A monoblade (or wireblade, as it is sometimes called) can slice through even ceramsteel or plastisteel, and is popular among the very few space marine boarding parties in the galaxy who can afford to have one. When activated, the monofilament blade slides out of the handle and is surrounded by a corona of faint light (the only way to see the blade with the naked eye).

Monoblades can be deadly to their users if they get careless, for the blades will cut through flesh with no hindrance, as if slicing through air.

A fusion cell powers the light and keeps the ultra-thin blade rigid and lasts for 30 turns. If the cell runs dry with the blade extended, things could get tricky — there is no easy way to see the blade, and people may walk into it accidentally, severing limbs. A botch to an ACV OR DCV with a monoblade means that the user has cut some part of themselves or an innocent bystander off, damaged some critical device nearby beyond immediate repair, or basically caused some undesirable damage to the environment that could result in perilous circumstances.

A monoblade is considered an artifact weapon, because the technology to build such a weapon is no longer known by the vast majority of the galaxy.

Damage is based on the Special Attack linked to them.


Melee - Monoblade

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