A computer designed to assist with terrestrial navigation (major gadget)


Learning the proper use of this laptop computer takes a little bit of work, but the rewards are worth it. Travelers venturing over long distances, either on foot or by vehicle, can input details they encounter along the way into a personalized mapper computer. The result is a slowly growing map of the planet the travelers are exploring. Some machines require the user to take snapshots of the stars to help figure their position; others contain pre-programmed disks (standard size) with maps of many of the more popular worlds. The most sophisticated come with a light pen that can be used to detail the streets and byways of urban areas.

This machine greatly magnifies an entourage’s ability to learn the geography of a new planet or town (+2 to skills involving navigation). However, the machine is not without its risks. A failed roll on a Mind + Computers roll can result in a poorly constructed map or a woefully lost group of travelers.

Most mappers are programmed in either Tambda or Maurocastrum.

Cost: 700 GC



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