Armor - M50 Power Armor Mk. 1

Articulated Power Armor created by The Maker



Item of Power lvl 2
Detectable lvl 2, Electromagnetic Field, Dimensional Anomaly, Heat Signature
Marked lvl 1, emits faint concealable glow from armor docking ports

Armour lvl 2
Activation Time lvl 2, 1 round
Detectable lvl 1 Visible Protective Plates
Requires Piloting roll for complex manuevers

Speed lvl 1
100 kph, 277 meters per round
Dependent lvl 1 to Armour
Detectable lvl 2 Plasma Jets: Sight, Sound, Heat
Limited Use, Ongoing lvl 1

Jumping lvl 3
50 times normal distance (1250 meters horizontal. 625 meters vertical)
Dependant lvl 1 to Speed

Heightened Sense lvl 4
Radio Reception, Infravision, Night Vision, Motion Sensor
Dependent lvl 1, Armour
Unique Defect, one vision sense active at a time

Special Defense lvl 3
Air/Oxygen to Breathe lvl 2
Flare attacks lvl 1, +3 to defense checks
Dependent lvl 1, Armour

Adaptation lvl 3
Low/No Pressure, High Pressure, Noxious Gases
Dependent lvl 1 to Armour

Enhanced Attribute: Body lvl 3
Dependent lvl 1 to Armour


The M50 Power Armor is a line of power armors recently developed by Arthur Fex. The armor itself is stored in docking bays in The Bunker and when needed can be teleported onto the wearer of the armor’s paired portsuit. Once deployed the armor’s protective plates are capable of repelling all but the most power automatic weapons fire and also provider the wearer with enhanced speed, maneuverability, and strength. The armor has fully functional life support and is capable of working in deep water and vacuum. The heads up display of the helmet has both thermal vision and night vision equipment as well as built in radio communications and motion sensors. However, the heads up display currently only supports one vision filter at a time. The suit is also capable of deploying plasma jets that allow the wearer to run at superhuman speed and leap distances in excess of a kilometer.

Armor - M50 Power Armor Mk. 1

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