A computer designed for interfacing with and remembering the past (major gadget)


If everything works properly, this personal solar-powered device, about the size of a paperback book, will retrieve the information verbally specified by the user. If something goes wrong, random files within the machine will be corrupted.

Requires mind+computers to use. On a botch, Library data is permanently corrupted, adding +1 to target number for all difficulties to retrieve data (up to +20). Upon finding or first power up of a found a Library device, roll 2d 10 to determine data corruption %.
2 – no corruption, Library device is pristine.
3-4 – minimal corruption +4 difficulty to retrieve information.
5-11 – moderate corruption +8 difficulty to retrieve information.
12-19 – heavy corruption +12 difficulty to retrieve information.
20 – Nice paperweight, I’ll give you a talon for the scrap.

Libraries are usually coded in Tambda.

Cost: 2000 GC


In a galaxy where scientific knowledge is rare, this is one of the most valuable of computers. Library devices are designed to interface and download with practically any repository of data (they can read most programming languages). Much of the tech relies on translators to incorporate the data into the proper format, artificial intelligence circuits to organize it, search engines to retrieve it, protocol circuits to negotiate access, and anti-viral programs to stave off contamination.


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