Ammo - Ka'Hadan Claw Rounds

Bladed ammo for that special touch


Ka’Hadan Claw Rounds (TL5): An expanding bullet which opens into a five-claw blossom upon impact.

Requires a weapon of appropriate caliber that fires slug rounds. Claw rounds are available for auto-loading pistols, machine guns, revolvers, and rifles.

This is a bullet designed to expand after entering a target, therefore doing greater damage.

Claw rounds have less Armour-penetrating power: Armour protection is doubled against the bullets. These disadvantages are cumulative with any Low Penetration modifiers.

If the target was unarmoured, 80 extra points are added to the damage that a living target suffers (the bullets “mushroom” inside living tissue).

No extra damage is inflicted on machines or structures by Claw Rounds.

Costs: Standard ammunition costs depend upon the availability of the ammo and caliber (size). The cost of clips or magazines to hold the ammo is usually 1/10th the cost of the gun.


Ammo - Ka'Hadan Claw Rounds

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