A computer designed for chronicling the past (major gadget)


A journal is a multimedia computer that records written text, visuals, sounds, scientific data, and other sensory data. The information is organized and retrievable in formats that can be edited either for academic purposes or personal pleasure. The most expensive versions of this device uses high-quality disks that are less prone to decay. The Academy Interatta on Guildheim is slowly building a library of journal entries to document their expeditions (or, more precisely, the expeditions that survive and return with their sanity intact).

Most are programmed in Tambda.

Cost: 1000 GC


The wealthy were once able to indulge their egotism by extensively and tediously documenting all details of their lives. As a result, there are a variety of computers that are constructed to chronicle all aspects of an expedition or all the minor details in the life of an adventurer.


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