Starship - I.S.S. Avalon

Last starship of the Iktojians.


I.S.S. Avalon
Gadgets lvl 15, 22 Major 32 Minor

Henchmen lvl 9
250 Henchmen 200 ship crew 25 Caretakers
Restricted Movement, The Avalon/Bunker

Ship Systems
Life Support, level 3 item of power
Restriction, Static
Reduction: Internal -1pt/lvl
Burns energy 1/week
5 Adaptation (Cold, Heat, Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum) 5
10 Special Defence (Oxygen x2, Poison x2, Hunger x2, Gravity x2, Disease x2) 10

Item of Power lvl 5 Flight System
Restriction: attached to base
Restriction: after 3 months must refuel
Flight lvl 6 5,000 kph
Detectable: Engine Noise, Heat Trail, Visible Trail
Requires Piloting Roll

Item of Power lvl 6 Fusion Core
Restriction, attached to base
Cosmic Energy Bonus lvl 6
6000 max storage

Item of Power lvl 1 Hyperdrive
Restriction, attached to base
Restriction, uses energy
Hyperflight lvl 4 100x speed of light

Base Size 8, 8 Major Gadget
Colony Ship sized
Awkward Size 8
Armour: 225 Vitality Threshold: 169

Motor Pool lvl 5, 5 Minor Gadgets

Menagerie lvl 4, 4 Minor Gadgets
Flora and Fauna of Ikto Prime

Lab: Comprehensive lvl 4, 12 Major Gadgets

Recreation lvl 5, 5 Minor Gadgets

Security lvl 5, 10 Minor Gadgets

Training Area lvl 2, 4 Minor Gadgets

Neutrino Sensors lvl 4, 2 Major 4 Minor

Radar Sensors lvl 4, scavenged

Lasar Radar Sensors lvl 4, scavenged

EMS Sensors lvl 2, scavenged

2 Probes & 5 Bouies, scavenged

Emergency signal, scavenged

Anti-Personnel Blaster, scavenged


The Iktojian Starship Avalon was once crashed colony ship located in The Bunker. The Maker and his comrades have successfully repaired the crashed ship to make is space-worthy again. The colony ship is a massive vessel, capable of carrying enough cargo and passengers to start a large colony on a new world. The vessel’s most precious cargo, however, is the Iktojian clutching facility fully stocked with enough genetic material to give the race a chance to prevent extinction.

Starship - I.S.S. Avalon

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