Vehicle - Hoverbike

Single Occupant Skimmer Bike



Speed Armor Fuel Range Cargo Passengers
250 km/hr 2 (20) Fusion 450 km 20 kgs 1/1

Weapons: None
Tech Level: 5
Falcon Cost: 9000


Hoverbike2.jpgYoung nobles are the biggest fans of hoverbikes, racing one another wherever they meet. Peasants are the biggest enemies of hoverbikes, often run down by racing nobles. In any case, these small, fast craft are fairly rare, rarely having been produced since the Second Republic. They provide very little armor, for their pilots sit on them, not in them. Most of their parts also have very little protection.

Most popular among the nobility and rich Guild members, skimmers travel at heights of up to 250 meters, and at speeds of several hundred kilometers per hour. While they zip over all kinds of terrain, drivers still need to be careful because sudden terrain changes can send a skimmer plummeting. For this reason, pilots rarely fly them high over cities, for fear that the streets and buildings may act as canyons. Most people in skimmers prefer to follow roads, and only the cockiest will speed over unfamiliar terrain.

Vehicle - Hoverbike

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