A wrist mounted computer (major gadget)


When it works, the user can roll Mind + Computers as a complementary roll to any knowledge-based skill roll.

When it doesn’t work, (on a roll of 17-20 on 2 D10, regardless of the skill or base stats used to roll it) the same roll is required to retrieve anything at all. An annoying version of this is the Rhetorical Hierarchy, a computer that will respond to any question with another question that may help clarify the problem.

The usual programming language is Tambda.

Cost: 1500 GC.


A hierarchy wrist computer is intended to be the ultimate in personal data management. The user can recite any information that comes to mind and even store small segments of visual information using the device. The trick is in retrieving the information later. If the user is curious about anything he has previously encountered, he can ask the hierarchy a few simple questions, and theoretically, the artificial intelligence within the device will organize it in a format accessible to the user. There’s even a small video screen for magic lantern displays. The memory is seemingly limitless, but the tech is old enough and delicate enough to eventually lose information.


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