Ancient alien artifacts



These brutish beasts are found in ruins throughout the Galactic Imperium and beyond and are often associated with the artifacts of the Primmortals. They come in many forms, most notably statuary or bas-relief, but their images adorn many Primmortal ruins. They are known to be efficacious against evil occult effects, and are now often placed on buildings or on the prows of ships to defend against evil influence. Sensitive psychics and theurgists all aver to a Gargoyle’s power. Indeed, they say that no ship with a Gargoyle prow has ever encountered a Void Kraken.

They are rare but are still found occasionally, sparking a fight for ownership between emperor, nobles, priests and merchants. They can be sold for many falcons to just about anybody, but those who don’t get the Gargoyle will often hold a grudge against the seller – a good way to make enemies.

Scholars disagree about the purpose of these Gargoyles. Some claim they are depictions of the Primmortals themselves. Others say they are images of horrors which the Primmortals fought, while others say are images from the Primmortal’s fancy. Some claim they are guardians against even worse horrors.

Characters with some form of mystical vision can tell that Gargoyles are not merely stone or alloy; they exude a mysterious, unreadable aura. The most legendary Gargoyle, found in the wastes of Absentia, is said to generate omens to certain individuals, and people come from all over on pilgrimages to it despite the dangers of the nearby Odium system.



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